April 22, 2021


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Extinction Rebellion founder: why right wingers should be radical environmentalists

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25 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion founder: why right wingers should be radical environmentalists

  1. What it comes down to is carbon-dioxide , not "carbon emissions" as is twisted by the Woke . There is no evidence that 1 part per 100,000 more of CO2 in the atmosphere has any effect on climate . Carbon-dioxide is a life sustaining gas for forests and flowers .

  2. Blimey. I’m half way through and all I hear is dribble talk. If you want to bring other “groups” like conservatives etc you need to put a solid, simple to understand case forward. Thankfully the “right” are evidence based individuals

  3. I actually think he is evil, he admits to forcing the conversation by being disruptive then he says he can be judged based on whether he is right or not.
    That is not how morality works, you don't get a free pass on ends justifying the means.
    Every evil dictator in history has believed that the ends justify the means.

  4. No scientific explanation of problems or solutions, just political nonsense, worthless words in a sea of unsubstantiated opinion & rhetoric. Very disappointing, Freddy!

  5. Personally I agree that right wingers and everyone else should be more concerned about the environment. But we should not accept nonsense coming from radical environmentalists who will use SJW language, dance in the middle of the streets while people are getting to work or returning home, being hypocrites when they leave their waste after a protest and misuse science journals to fit their narrative (e.g. London will be flooded by 2012 by guardian paper back in 2004).

    Am all for listening but am not up for being lectured how sexist and racist I am for questioning some of your claims.

  6. Climate change is real. Fear mongering is the reason people done believe the extremists. Go back to the late 70’s and early 80’s. all they talked about was the ice age, fast forward to 2000ish.. and the same things reversed was gonna happen in 2010.

  7. Roger Scruton wrote a great book called ‘Green Philosophies: How To Think Seriously About The Environment’. It sets out a conservative approach to environmentalism and argues that actually conservatives should be the best environmentalists. He also says that traditional conservatives and small, local lefties ought to be allies on the environmental; they are naturally aligned in this regard in opposition to the globalised left and right together.

  8. Climate alarmists are wrong about the future.
    Higher CO2 greens the planet.
    The computer models that predict disasters are not accurate.
    The UN paid scientists to confirm the global warming theories. Scientists with other ideas had to shut up or got kicked out for not endangering the money flowing in to the universities.
    Global warming is political, the UN wants money flowing to poor countries, but they better not do it by distorting reality and spreading fear.

  9. I find these people totally pretentious and deluded. They have absolutely no problem using brainwashed children to push the obvious fraud of climate change.. Radicle left wing is communist and limiting a countries energy production is standard communist destabilisation. The sea level is NOT rising any faster than it was 200 years ago and the average temp od earth has been stable for 20 years. Its a fraud and these people are either blind and stupid or they actually want to ruin your life and impose their extremism..

  10. Why did world temperature rise during the covd-19 world lock down? Why did not the reduction of air pollutants not cause a cooling? Radical Environmentalists = Socialist/Communist in camouflage

  11. Right wingers are busy pointing the blame to ethnic minorities for all their problems rather than taking individual responsibility as they proclaim to believe in. Oh and no use convincing them about the environment and climate science as Bill Gates is controlling the climate with his top secret Windows operating system lol

  12. The only way i could believe all these radical environmental warriors is if they:
    – quit their jobs and their social life
    – live on the street
    – eat from rubbish bins

    If they did so, i would listen to what they say carefully. Until they do that, they are just professional activists paid by some people who have an agenda……

  13. The entire premise that mankind's actions have a direct impact on climate change to the extent that they believe it is chatastrophic and the corrective action they require that is equally chatastrophic in economic terms is where they have gone wrong and where they will never gain the support of the right. Ultimately, their extreme claims are not backed by the facts and having been exposed they have lost all credibility. They have seen militant action works for them and gets them attention so we will no doubt see a repeat of this in the years to come.

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