April 10, 2021


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Ezra's secret Rebel handshake | Rebel News Store FREE SHIPPING Canada & USA

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20 thoughts on “Ezra's secret Rebel handshake | Rebel News Store FREE SHIPPING Canada & USA

  1. I'd love to wear Rebel gear. BUT, unfortunately, Canada has become a hotbed of 'cancel culture' and 'left-wing extremism'. The flack (and possible violence) that could come my way for wearing a t-shirt or ball cap, would indeed be worrisome 🙁

  2. Went to buy a ball cap
    to support the cause is important.

    Went through the process
    Tallying up to just over $40
    Then with the "free Shipping"
    It bumped up to just over $50 ?
    Not willing to almost $10 for "free shipping."
    Canceled order

  3. Hey Ezra,
    Is it just ratings, or an actual compassion for Canadians.
    Here is something worth talking about!
    Accredited Doctor testifies before a US Senate hearing, regarding effective, and scientifically proven, treatment of COVID 19.
    Where is your open media voice?
    Surely, such a treatment, would be important for Canadian's to know about!

  4. I’d like to purchase some of your merchandise, as I really respect the work Rebel News does to inform the people. The problem is, I like being a grey man, and when the SHTF the less the corrupt authorities have on me, the easier my work will be to accomplish.
    But I will continue to support Rebel in other ways.

  5. Dear Ezra I tried to get your news app on my phone and your app is not there ? So suggestions are welcome !🇨🇦👍
    My tablet ( alcatel pop 7 ) is the only way to get your content ! Just saying maybe spread this info ! I enjoy your content & attitude, keep it going from the west coast. 🇨🇦👍🙏

  6. your rebel news is very hard to communicate with left message yesterday and no reply and just now again .Iwas denied mask medical exemption shopping and rudely treated and ordered out of store.

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