July 28, 2021


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Facebook Insider Morgan Kahmann joins Tucker Carlson to discuss leaked 'Vaccine Hesitancy' documents

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20 thoughts on “Facebook Insider Morgan Kahmann joins Tucker Carlson to discuss leaked 'Vaccine Hesitancy' documents

  1. The social media with Bill Gates rehearsed what they would do to stop anti-vax people in Event 21 in October 1919, it was all planed. I guess they picked 21 because they knew that's when a vaccine would be out.

  2. I left FB ages ago because I refuse to support Nazi's…."sticking it out" trying to save people is noble but by now if an average person can't see their government and many in big tech are completely willing to kill their own people, they are lost causes and will be part of this genocide… dogs and cats are smarter than the human race…

  3. Remember everybody Facebook is using Newspeak at the new Newspeak term is vaccine hesitancy. This does not mean you are against medical information but then you have concerns and would like more information or testing, and Facebook says you do not have a right to that.

  4. When everyone speaking of vaccinations got the boot from social media why did we need a whistle blower? Same goes with campaign fraud and just having a republican channel. We all know this and yet those who are supposed to speak for us in congress say nothing while getting rich somehow in a government job. Do we need a whistleblower to tell us politicians sold us out to big tech and foreign governments like china?

  5. we know this. facebook shut down 120K group who were telling about the adverse effects of vaccines. the cases were flying in…often with photos.fb closed it down. i was there.

  6. I got put in FB jail for 30 days for calling Biden a "Russian/Chinese POS"! Imagine that!
    He cares more for Russia and China than he does AMERICA!

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