June 17, 2021


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Facebook Insider Morgan Kahmann TERMINATED Effective Immediately for Leaking Internal Documents

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50 thoughts on “Facebook Insider Morgan Kahmann TERMINATED Effective Immediately for Leaking Internal Documents

  1. Facebook needs to tell the public their true policies. What more are they hiding? It seems they hid a lot. I am glad I deleted my Facebook in 2018.

  2. SUCH A Big Deal this coming forward. It WILL have its impact 👇🤨 even if it’s one at a time! Thank You Young Sir. Super BRAVE, exactly what it takes

  3. Zuckerberg is a fraud himself, everything is lie and hide from him. Don't forget he is married the woman from China, although it's not everyone from China is untruthful, but I am sure Mark learns a lot from his lady…
    Facebook has to go, if bad people have power, what does that tell you?

  4. Just donated to Morgan because he should be rewarded for his bravery and his family should not have to suffer because he did the right thing. Now, I'm on my way to donate to Project Veritas because without this organization's support, Morgan and others like him may not have been able to come forward. PV is the best journalism we have in America right now. It's a shame they are one of the only ones willing to give us unbiased news reporting.

  5. You can clearly see this courageous patriot is full of rage against FakeBook and all other tyrannical media who are doing everything to suppress freedom of speech and destroy America, that he's ready and willing to fight to death for freedom. We need more courageous people like him, to leak and expose these evil companies every single day, at every possible angle. We need to leak them to death. The criminals must be exposed for humanity to win freedom.
    🇺🇸 Thanks Morgan 🇺🇸

  6. Firing a Whistleblower just CONFIRMS that all the information and documents were the TRUTH!! … Shame FB!! … Now all patriots need to fire FB!! dump the app … you didn't need it before… you don't need it now… You are better off without!

  7. You Mr. Morgan Kahmann have officially become a hero of “we the people (worldwide). Your children are going to grow up to come to realize their Father is a Hero of the people! I’m going to share this with every person I know.

  8. This is a private conversation between our company and employee…..Uhh you just fired him dipshit he's public now.

    James give this guy a job at your company I know that he knows it isn't a multi-billion dollar company like Fakebook but he still can provide a service for you hell maybe even in network security.

  9. Hey Morgan , If your reading this, Thank You and dont sweat being fired, its a weird feeling but thru time you will see , you wouldnt of wanted it any other way, A man must travel his path,, Renember..Tough Times Pass, Tough People Last..🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 For those who can spare a few buxx , plz dont forget this young man..

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