April 10, 2021


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Facing Gay Conversion Therapy (Ethics Documentary) | Real Stories

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43 thoughts on “Facing Gay Conversion Therapy (Ethics Documentary) | Real Stories

  1. In Spain and the rest of the European Union it is illegal last year they took away an ultra-catholic psychiatrist's license for life for offering conversion therapy, how is this possible in the United States?

  2. How is it possible that this happens in America when the WHO has said that sexuality is not a disease therefore it cannot be cured in Europe I am from Spain and that is unthinkable

  3. This is insane….i was stuck in the catholic church for 20 years… when to latin mass every sunday and confession every week… i hope he gets out of that cult. Sad

  4. The solution here is for Nathan to cut out the religion and live for himself, accept himself and get a therapist that actually helps him with self acceptance and addresses his personality/self blame issues. He needs to get away from what seems to be a repressive father as well.

  5. People that judge others are really just the hardest judges of themselves, if they change the mindset and accept that they are beautiful beings regardless of what they were taught is "right" . Just love yourself.

  6. Have you ever consider looking to have a relationship with God? No one is unhappy with God. Once you have a good relationship with God, then you ask for His guidance and He will lead you to the right path.

  7. We are all responsible for our own happiness. No one's cost more or less… Learn to accept yourself as you are so that you can learn to truly love yourself and there you will find your happiness at the cost of the fears you've let go of.

  8. Imagine working so hard to change the core of who you are and how you were born. This is so unbelievable sad… may he find peace and live the life he was meant to live.

  9. I was hoping at the end they would tell us if he learned to accept himself or if he was able to con himself into believing he was "fixed". I feel sorry for baldy's wife. He is nothing but a con man.

  10. We're all members of the human race and have brains which ask the "existential questions," including "Is there a God?" – and it's all too easy to think/say "I don't think so, because if there was, I might have to do a lot of changing, (and maybe …which I don't want to do)". So one's concept of God then becomes inaccurate – this is the baseline of atheism (which is a belief system) and may be either conscious or unconscious. I salute Nathan here because he knows there IS, and yet is also aware of the (seeming) distance involved in his destination of integration. So much help, insight and understanding can be found here: http://www.livingwisdom.co.nz. God bless you Nathan and be empowered on your journey.

  11. Wow….this is one of the most disturbing things I have seen on YT :(. These are capable, compassionate, intelligent men who are forced to cut out a huge part of who they are in order to belong to the religion they feel connected to. Whatever your beliefs, you should not devote yourself to a religion that shames a part of you that was not of your own deciding, but was given to you naturally by this same "God" that apparently "demands" that you change this part of yourself if you want to be a part of this religion!! If anyone featured in this documentary is reading this, for the love of God, please just embrace and accept who you are, who you were born as, the way that the very same God that you worship MADE you. Those who really care about you, including your God, will accept you for who you are. Show the world love and kindness and acceptance, and show YOURSELF love and kindness and acceptance. This is the only way you will be truly at peace.

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