April 10, 2021


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Fake News: Amnesty International Gets 7-day ultimatum To Leave Nigeria

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25 thoughts on “Fake News: Amnesty International Gets 7-day ultimatum To Leave Nigeria

  1. Your on the right track. Africa is the back bone of England, Spain and Portugal. Now stop giving your money to England, Spain and Portugal. They will become third world nations. Stop propping them up. Stop supplying your enemies with the wealth to destroy you and your children.

  2. Madam Nigeria is not Libya under Marmar gadaffi or Iraq under SADAM hussein and above all go ask kanu Andy when do this kind dirty job for SANI Abacha how far, we dey look all of una with Eagle eyes, you can decieve man but can you decieve the air?

  3. Great job, I hope all countries follow your lead and take back their countries, just imagine how rich & self-reliant all nations would have been without outside & inside greedy & power-hungry people hadn't taken advantage of our trust, stolen our natural resources, poisoned us with useless vaccines & stolen our children getting rich off our suffering.

  4. As long as there is The Almighty in heaven, all the people who committed the massacre, and all you people sitting down and backing up the government by lending your voice to help them to continue to hide their lie will receive the fierce anger of the Almighty creator; Yahowah, both on This earth and in the life here after

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