April 10, 2021


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Far-Left Elites ADMIT They are Using COVID to ‘Reset’ America to Socialism | The Glenn Beck Program

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50 thoughts on “Far-Left Elites ADMIT They are Using COVID to ‘Reset’ America to Socialism | The Glenn Beck Program

  1. When I was a kid and got sick from a flu, our doctor always told my parents to get me out and have fresh air , so I could get better and I always did. Now these criminals from the new world order BS, are telling us to get inside and breath dead air so we can keep getting sick and stay sick longer.

  2. Finally you say it and a court confirms: EXEC ORDERS that change an existing law under the aegis of "common good" are illegal. De Santis is completely out of order, and completely unconstitutional by saying "nobody who owns real property and rents it can evict not paying tenants". But … all this is bla bla as long as a Governor keeps those orders in place. And DeSantis did exactly that, despite "liberating" restaurants and others long ago!!! Will anything happen if courts decide it's illegal?

  3. I agree with most of what you are saying, except that you can not bring the rest of the world up to our standard of living. You can every continent has its own source of food and resources. They can trade in exchange to build there infrastructure to ours. We may always be ahead but we can share, but you have to stop raping Africa and South America and start helping the people to build there own infrastructures and industries. You have to start teaching real technology and education and eliminate this indoctrination that our kids are being fed now and you have to shut declare these mega corporations that are killing small business illegal trusts and break them up. Walmart has put most hardware and grocery stores out of business and McDonald's food chains have put most restaurants out of business. It is time to kick the lobbyist from Washington and start working for the good of the citizens again. Its time to shut down the illegal central banks and reverse the harm there wars have caused.

  4. Someone NEEDS to see Va. for what is going on HERE!!! Same thing, different day, different GOVERNOR!!! Thinks he is the LAW, thinks he is a democratic god. This is getting WAY out of hand in this country, and "We The People" better STAND UP and be HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR!!!! More states need to be brought to their knees again at the hands of US!!!!!!

  5. You can see it happening and unfolding, government don't care about how much there spending, Donald trump was the only one standing in the way, western capalist leaders are complicit in the USA election, the whole world knows what has gone on

  6. Because this has happened in our presidential race I don't believe that we will have both Republicans and Senate either because they stole the vote from President Trump why won't they steal the vote for these two runoffs that we have in Georgia? I have no confidence at all in our voting system I heard that they're getting rid of Dominion and it won't be part of the runoff vote but I guess I'll know when I go to vote.

  7. Talking about slavery! The Global government rules over all the World! Thats why they hate President Trump! Their plans are DARK a mass genocide of the World ! They pick and choose ! NO FREEDOMS NO RIGHTS NO LIBERTIES! NO JUSTICE FOR ALL! NO FUTURE! YOU DO WHAT YOUR TOLD OR ELSE!

  8. bush senior was talking about a new world order it seems like its set to happen with seema prisons but we need to prepare for a world war and huge fight against this or are we going to become
    oppressed like the chinese.

  9. CNN, Twitter and Facecrook did a GREAT job hiding info from voters: 45% of PA voters NEVER heard of the Hunter Biden story and 17% said if they knew that would have voted for Trump…Hitler controlled the media, looks like Democraps have also…evil flourishes when honest men do nothing.

  10. This is so true they say America will Destroy our self from within the Democrats will nobody's Listen mostly all the Democrats i know i can't even have a decent conversation with its sad why its not on the local news blk male "X" Democrat God bless

  11. I am losing respect for Stu. To me, he is far too dismissive of the seriousness and the deep implications of these things. He seems to apply a surface political view, and seems to avoid the deeper, more nefarious implications that are plainly staring everyone in the face. It seems like he's in denial of the true essence of what is taking place. He can't allow himself to entertain the idea of a global elite cabal fighting to get rid of President Trump to destroy America, even though that's clearly the direction the liberals and Marxists are trying to push us. For him, if something like that were actually true, it would mean that his current world-view is woefully incorrect, and he's far too arrogant in is own intellect to believe that could ever have been fooled so dramatically. So he denies what he sees, trying desperately to apply it all to a typical, surface-aspect context of simple politics.

    There's a REASON the 'Building Back Better' slogan is appearing behind leaders everywhere, because it's BEING COORIDNATED!! This isn't anything so quaint or benign as simple 'Coincidence'. They're telling everyone which side they're on, that they're on the side of global enslavement, and Stu is f**** laughing about it! He dismisses 'conspiracy theory', even though the conspiracy is in their own words and documents…. Trudeau is telling everyone what they're doing, SPECIFICALLY citing the UN Agenda 2030, which is a global roadmap to total human subjugation, and Stu is laughing about it.

    Love Glenn and The Blaze. I'm starting to switch away from Stu. He's really sharp with some stuff, but other stuff he skirts and marginalizes.

  12. The American Dream is going to die. Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos, said : The time will come soon when you will not own anything and be happy about it.

  13. I think the "end times" spoken in book of revelations is here… The Democrat communist are all Satin incarnate, they are trying to mark us with "mark of the Beast", no one will be able to do commerce without swearing alignance with the Beast and allowing the mark to be placed on their forehead… It will be Jesus who will save us from these communist democrats…

  14. We need to be thinking of solutions. Lets say Joe Biden is inaugurated on Jan 20th.
    What measures can thwart their Reset? Where should the resources and efforts be placed to halt this should this dementia riddled loser get in?

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