October 17, 2021


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Farage EXPOSES Eurozone's Dark Agenda

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25 thoughts on “Farage EXPOSES Eurozone's Dark Agenda

  1. I love nigel but what about the working class who have no savings cos they are paying rediculous rents with wages that have stagnated while these share holders syphon off money and screw workers out there pensions ow may I add these are the people like alot of key workers who worked through the pandemic Where's there advice.

  2. The EU had become more and more communist and socialist which they could afford in the past when it seemed they were hitting home runs and life was good. Since the Trump required reciprocity in trade agreements and leveled the playing field, the EU found themselves uncompetitive and stuck with promises they cannot keep, but with no one having the appetite to accept reality and make the changes. This put the EU in steady decline. The only option is for the EU to turn inward. Closed ecosystems are heavily dependent on size and diversity. On 1/1/21 they would lose the UK, a grave loss to their ecosystem that would be way out of proportion with its GDP due to the huge trade deficit, and being the leader of science, technology, and financial services.

    The EU STILL doesn't have a coherent vaccine program:
    Prior to 12/31/2020 the EU required the Fill and Finish for AstraZeneca and other vaccines be filled in Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. After 12/31/20m the UK could build their own Fill and Finish capacity, which they did, in Wales. After blocking Australia's order and talk about taking over AstraZeneca's and other plants and confiscating their intellectual property, Jean-Claude Juncker, previous EU chief, exploded, with comments on UVDL's competence to lead, said the UK are your friends, and made the statement that any talk or action of interfering with private company contracts or intellectual property rights would damage the EU's business reputation. During all of this, the EU was approaching Novavax about setting up shop in the EU. Novavax dragged their feet and the EU was puzzled. Then it came out Novavax and ModeRNA had set up making the vaccine in the UK. After witnessing the AstraZeneca events and current EU discussions, both denied EU overtures to even do their "Fill and Finish" with the exception of Novavax, who said they would use their facility in the Czech Republic for EU "Fill and Finish". The EU was angry because that plant didn't have the capacity they were looking for. All four vaccine providers do Fill and Finish in the UK now, with Fill and Finish done in the EU for EU orders only, with the exception of Pfizer who still does some EU Fill and Finish for non-EU countries but they haven't been molested yet. So in a matter of weeks, Juncker's wisdom has been validated, and those are just the business decisions we know about. After that the world found out that Novavax did a 60 million dose deal with the UK, and after that ModeRNA did a 17 million dose deal with the UK. Both are actively being rolled out in the UK. Then it came out that Australia received 717,000 doses shipped directly from AstraZeneca-UK so far due to the EU confiscating the shipments from the EU plants with EU orders being bumped back by the same amount. Now the EU is talking about blocking the only remaining UK order from an EU plant, Halix, which the UK invested in when the EU wouldn't, and the one UK engineers got operational for them because the Dutch failed. AstraZeneca will probably do the same thing there as they did with Australia. Boris has offered twice that we know of to help the EU get their vaccination on track but met both times with the EU stomping their feet and demanding rights they don't legitimately have nor any other means of obtaining. The EU took no risks, received no benefits, and blamed those who did for their own failures. Then they sue their members for buying on the side what they did not supply.

    The EU STILL doesn't have stimulus plan:
    The 750 billion stimulus package was hatched a year ago, with some foot dragging by Poland and Romania, they approved it. Then EU members didn't believe in the EU enough to invest in their own stimulus plan. The EU decided that answer was to issue public bonds. The EU taking on public debt is in conflict with the EU constitution in several areas. They decided that those areas of the constitution need to be "reinterpreted" due to recent decisions that proved it in violation of the constitution. Sixteen of the twenty-seven countries have ratified it. They say it is on track to be rolled out two months from now.

    But wait, there's more:
    500 billion of that is grants for certain "important companies" to be "recapitalized" and the EU will be the stockholders with the governance details "still being worked out". Capitalist countries call that controlling the means of production.

    The only thing the EU projects is chaos and uncertainty. Warren Buffett and George Soros are on record for having lost faith in the EU BEFORE the pandemic and all this showed up.

  3. Wow, I am living in Brussels, and I didn't know that I was living in a communist country. I know Farage has practically no friend here and consequently, he has to "imagine" due to lack of reliable info. I am amused because I used to travel and work in various communist countries before 1980, and I can tell you that the imagination of poor Farage would require some adjustment with the truth.

  4. the globalist financiers & Industries are supporting the EU as their means to control the European 'branch' of the Chinese dominated NWO and it will be made so much more easier if democracy doesn't get in their way !

  5. "China's government, increasingly keen to punish critics of their Xinjiang policies, is forcing foreign companies to make a choice they have been studiously trying to avoid: support China or get out of the Chinese market…. The Communist Party views itself as increasingly able to exert economic pressure on others, using the 'powerful gravitational field' of the world's second-largest economy…. The choice between the lucrative Chinese market and the values firms profess in the rest of the world is becoming unavoidable…." — The Economist, March 27, 2021.

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