April 22, 2021


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Farage PRAISES Boris For Signing Brexit Deal

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32 thoughts on “Farage PRAISES Boris For Signing Brexit Deal

  1. Hey Mr Tousi. I'm still waiting for the answer about your parents. Did they wait five years to get the council flat? This is what you think refugees today should do, I was wondering if your parents did the same.

  2. Gove give starmer and his party a pasting for wasting 5 years of this country by sitting on fence…also gave blackford a pasting for saying boris should be put in prison for taking this country out with no deal…only to asking for a no deal now…WHAT ARE THESE JOKERS DRINKING…MINES A DOUBLE..were out

  3. What?!
    "Farage PRAISES Boris For Signing Brexit Deal"?
    No, Nigel Farage has NOT praised Boris Johnson for signing this new EU treaty!!
    Mahyar, you are back to your blatant lie video headlines, which is why I stopped subscribing to your channel.
    Still, you keeping showing up in my YouTube feed, so here I am calling you out again!
    Is this what your reduced to in your Tory party propaganda?
    Do you really think we can't go and watch Nigel Farage's recent comment for ourselves elsewhere on YouTube and find that you are lying to us?
    The Brexit Party has officially re-registered as Reform UK and Nigel Farage has every intention of fielding a full slate of candidates in the May 201 local council and police commissioner elections on a platform of electoral reform and anti-lockdown.

  4. Virtual capitulation to the EU, the tough talk turned out to be just hot air. There should have been no compromise it should have been WTO terms. Tories let down UK yet again.

  5. Thank goodness we are out but I think Boris Johnson's deal is a sell-out. It gives a level playing field and betrays UK farming and fishing industries. It gives the EU an extra five years to pillage our waters. They have already had an additional four years from when the Tories promised we would be out the day after.

    This is terrible for our country. It is procrastination, weakness, and kicking the can down the road instead of getting it done. It is an extension of an extension of an extension and a truly British something up.

    Boris is entirely useless and the Tories have been appalling at negotiating with the EU. Boris caved in at the last minute to pressure and completely capitulated to Brussels. I'm sorry but that is just the truth. Even Farage has caved in. He must have got tired of holding the Tories to account and just wants to retire from politics. I doubt Farage could have even read the deal because it hadn't been released when he signaled his backing for Boris. And what did Nigel get for showing his support? Boris completely shunned him and his words when asked a question by a reporter on national TV. I am very disappointed in both of them for capitulating to Brussels.

    Boris will likely have a mini jump in the polls but it won't be long-lived when reality sets in and people realise the extent of the betrayal and sell out and read the full text of the capitulation.

    The only hope for the Tories is to reject this deal and go full WTO or at a minimum GAAT XXIV. If they don't the final hope is to get rid of Boris as quickly as possible and reverse the immense damage he has done especially to the economy otherwise we are going to have a Labour government in four years' time. #TrussforPM

  6. We have been sold down the river you will find out in weeks to come you can't believe a word farage says we have to get rid of the British government and vote for a party that is for England and the English The English Democrats a constitution party not right or left we are the only country in Europe without a Parliament think about it 🇫🇴🇫🇴🇫🇴

  7. Farage is a sell out like Borus! This new EU treaty sees France get 90.25% of UK fish over seen by a new EU body (ECJ) in everything but name!
    There are several new EU bodies being setup to enforce this EU treaty at who's expense? With what UK representation? By appointed or elected members? Just a few things to think about. How will it affect future and existing FTA's like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA etc?
    I urge you all to write to your MP and ask them to vote down this latest EU treaty to protect the UK from the future of EU rule.
    It is my view, these new EU bodies will take the form of non-elected appointies with 27 EU and 1 UK representation. No democracy, no say!

  8. Fisheries result is a pragmatic compromise. Maybe we should let them catch the fish in allocated areas that can be easily monitored and our share of their catch appropriated.

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