June 13, 2021


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Favorite Media Screwups w/ Katie Halper: CNN's Apparent Change Of Heart On Centralized Healthcare

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42 thoughts on “Favorite Media Screwups w/ Katie Halper: CNN's Apparent Change Of Heart On Centralized Healthcare

  1. Did they forget their own graphic has UK and Canada on it as well? Israel and Bahrain are miniscule countries both in land and population. Its silly to compare the rollout and logistics of a nation the size of Florida versus difficulties faced in the U.S and Canada with reaching everyone.

  2. M4ALL has huge popularity despite the fact that media either runs propaganda against it or ignores it. They certainly don’t promote it – but they do promote w cold war, hot wars, Pfizer, WMDs, etc. So imagine what the poll results could be if the media was just honest about M4ALL.

  3. We also have the states interfering in giving out the vaccines by putting rules on who gets the vaccine. How can you expect anything other than this result? How would Medicare for all change the fact the states are setting up their own rules who should get the vaccine first?

  4. The premise of your conversation is that this commentator is correct in saying that a nationalized health service would help speed vaccinations. This suggests that there is a mountain of doses just sitting there waiting to be delivered. This is one time where looking at the RATE of vaccination is a poor comparison. Rather you should look at the ramp up in production rates, and how some countries are receiving more doses per capita from the manufacturers. Those countries negotiated a better deal with the manufacturers. I still believe we have a production rate problem.

  5. We have to finally face the reality that human life means nothing in this society. Until we understand that this is a sociopathic society and develop strategies to deal with it on that level, we're just tilting at windmills

  6. It's because of bullshit like this that I think America will never get universal healthcare. Then again, this is the same country that couldn't enact any kind of serious gun control even following an atrocity like Sandy Hook, so it makes sense that they can't get universal healthcare even in the throes of a pandemic in 2020/2021.

  7. The Kaiser poll didn't inform subjects that M4A precludes an option for private insurance. Most people assume they could still choose with M4A. That's why it polls so high. My guess is it's more like 20~30% approval by those who understand that. Most people in the US think the Govt doesn't handle administrative thing as well as the private sector and are still driven by cold-war era anti-socialist fears.

  8. Every time I hear the republican excuse "but what about people who like their health insurance?" I hear "but what about people who like paying exorbitant fees so they can be screwed over by a parasitic middle man, oh, also that they might lose at the drop of a hat if they lose their employment for any reason?", and I think, there are no such people.

  9. Question for Krystal. What if I don't want YOUR single payer healthcare, what if I would like to make choices for myself? How sad is it, that the Socialist left is using Covid, to shove Government healthcare down everybody's throat?
    Am I forced to COMPLY, because some egalitarian leftist politician, (Bernie the Evil Troll Sanders), has decided that I am not capable of making my own decisions?
    Where does it stop? When we reach the perfect Globalist Collectivist Beehive State, where 99.9999% of the population remain silent, work for the "Greater Good", and then die?
    Why is it that the "Greater Good" only benefits a select few, Stalin and his cronies, Hitler and his cronies, Mao and his cronies? Thankfully, we managed to temporarily avoid Hillary and her cronies.
    But, sadly, we still have to deal with the Fascist Autocrat Governors in Commufornia and Maochigan, and of course, not to be remiss in mentioning, Andrew "Senior Serial Killer" Cuomo, King of the New York Nursing Homes. How does the Marxist Media get to decide that this goon deserves an Emmy? How does the Socialist Mayor of Austin Texas get to tell people they are not allowed to go to work, they are not allowed to open their businesses, and they are not allowed to put food on the table for their family's, and then crosses international borders in the middle of a pandemic, to vacation in Mexico? Oh, and then, has the nerve to record a video chastisement to his constituents,,, from the resort he is staying at. How is it, that these leftist politicians commit these horrendous egregious acts, and all they have to say is, oops, I made a mistake, and the fawning Marxist Media declares that all is forgiven?
    When does common sense make a comeback? When do we get back to, right is right, and wrong is wrong?
    The way I was raised,,, the sky is blue, grass is green, and when it rains, shit gets wet! Like it or not, happy or sad, there is this pesky little thing called reality, and you have to deal with it!
    Government is not, was not, and will not ever, be the answer! It is nothing more than a system of self perpetuating corruption.
    This country was founded on the concept of self determination, work for what you want, earn what you get, and defend what you have!
    It is the greatest of all liberties,,, the privilege, and the duty, of responsibility and self reliance.
    And as always,,, YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN.

  10. 300,000 vets died waiting on a secret list for medical care on from government run government owned VA health services. All of whom are indemnified from legal recourse. Obama fired no one, Trump fired 600 or so, but where are the law suits civil and criminal? Where is the DOJ? Government healthcare sounds nice but actually solve the problem.
    Tricare works if your young and healthy
    Medicare underpays doctors has a 30% fraud rate
    Affordable Care Act doesn’t work for people with incomes from 40 to 80 k.
    At the same time it adds so much paperwork that the doctor has to fill out personally that it reduces the number of patients a doctor can see.
    VA works so slowly that the backlog is prohibitive
    SCHIP pays so low that it is almost impossible to see a doctor or dentist
    Medicaid has long waiting periods for non emergent care also under pays doctors so many doctors don’t join.
    Indian Health Services is an abomination. Don’t get sick on the reservation you may never get care.
    Sweden’s healthcare works but Swedes pay 60% of their salary in the middle class to the tax man. I don’t trust the US government with my healthcare they have a terrible track record. Any M4A bill will be written in secret by lobbyists from the drug companies and insurance industry just like Obamacare.

  11. Why does the MSM keep comparing the USA to other countries that have populations smaller than many US states? Nationhood in and of itself is not a metric that validates the comparison.

  12. If the house and senate passed a M4A bill and Biden vetoed it, he would be the least popular president in modern history. His legacy would be destroyed. Also, nobody likes their private health insurance. Nobody I've met anyway.

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