June 14, 2021


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Fear And Anger Drive Out Reason

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36 thoughts on “Fear And Anger Drive Out Reason

  1. Neil well done great vlog I agree with all you've said people are beginning to be woke I read some where its not your job to wake up the sleeping sheep but it is your job to wake the sleeping Lyons

  2. Our current economic capitalist system is the problem along with authoritarian governments and leaders regardless of the political side. If you're not addressing the economic system, you're not serious about changing the problem

  3. All those compliment for this video. Rightfully so but I bet each and every one here wears masks doing groceries.. You can have all the answers, see the truth and it means absolutely nothing if you don't act on it. Worse, it makes you an enabler.

  4. Oh Dear , Now you have done it , Hope u have other platforms that u can continue on , standby to get YT strike / demonetized ! , Yes The three DDDs as I call them , Divide ( racial , tribal , ethnic , political etc list goes on ) , Distract ( Covid ) Destroy ( economy & small business etc ) well this is a bold new direction , I do follow many other channels that help people navigate the coming manmade designed crisis , whilst I am sure most people here are aware of what's coming , it frustrates me that so many friends / family are wrapped up in there bubble and won't see what's happening till its too late .

  5. The flooding is coming to coastal areas. Check elevation maps to stay safe from the floods. Research "New York City Underwater." Thanks for mentioning the flooding Neil, it all clicks now.

  6. A brilliant way of joining the dots. Someone or something is pulling the strings for a desired reaction towards a specific goal to shorten the pace achieving the agenda.

  7. Thankyou, Neil.
    If I had any spare money to give you, to continue to do what you are doing and support your cause, my cause, our cause, I would.
    Instead, I'll continue to have money forcefully taken from me in taxes and rising life expenses, to support the government who supports the media to support themselves and their own selfish and foolish agenda.

    Do they not realise that without people to govern, they can't exist?

    I feel the people in Australia are the most blindly guided sheep in our current world. If I speak anything of this to anyone, my family, my friends etc then I am the idiot, I am the extremist and conspiracy theorist.

    People don't realise that they themselves are living the conspiracy.

  8. Well, from personal observations of society now, those who have money don't give a shit about anyone else other than themselves. They live in their own comfortable bubble. I'm content to be a solitary animal, a black sheep, at least I can still think for myself and not coerced and spoon fed by MSM, most people are just dead fish going with the flow.

  9. Brilliant video Neil, people have got to keep talking truth to power . It’s the only way to try & halt this looming worldwide dictatorship.

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