May 14, 2021


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Fertility and Testosterone COLLAPSING – what is happening here!?

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39 thoughts on “Fertility and Testosterone COLLAPSING – what is happening here!?

  1. Chemicals in the food and water plus all the shots they are given ….makes sense they are depopulating . Wait till the long term effects of the new shot are realised after they forced it on people.

  2. Tucker Carlson made a video about the same issue (male fertility, but also generally the downfall of males) about a year ago. He was REALLY worried. One of his best videos.

  3. Women of my generation do not want children. Every time I use dating apps or speak to them in real life they're so opposed to having children because they dont want to feel the pain of birthing or "have their chemicals changed" in their brains to protect their kids. I've seen this so many times that it's made me just not interested in women anymore and so I've focused on my career. Thankfully I can still have a kid at 40 with a 20 year old while they struggle to find meaning. I dont mean to sound rude but it's just biology.

  4. 🐁Alwaze appreci8 yer unique apprehension uv whirld events. How concernd must we rily b abt Chinese man raipng robots?! Gud luck promoting outrage over that 1!! Y not insted market these technological advacements 4 evry hoam??!! It cud b labeld "The Perfekt Woman!!!…Won't complane! Wont ask 4 money 💰!!!"

  5. 3:57

    So what you're saying is that its OK to believe this habitual propagandist, disinformation spewer, and flat out paid liar because he wrote something that lines up with ones on personal bias? It would be one thing if he wrote about a newsworthy event and wrote about it in a balanced manner but hes writing about something that most have to take at his word because its rooted in biological science, a study that most finished with Biology 201. I'm not ridiculing as his story solidifies a lot of my own logical beliefs regarding men today, but it def shows you that even the best of us have bias that creeps into what we talk about and how we view things differently from others.

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  7. Sperm count makes sense, we've lost alot of the trees that filter are air , there is a salutation but it sounds out of there, but I can explain the solution in a way that would make you say wow never looked at that,that way and I think that's the problem with brainiacs they over think thangs

  8. As a prime minister Australia said…. a diverse society ALWAYS fails. The only reason we postpone this was due to so called melting pot and middle class. Which is almost a done deal.

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