March 2, 2021


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FIGHT BACK: Manitoba businesses, individuals are being charged & it's time Fight The Fines

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32 thoughts on “FIGHT BACK: Manitoba businesses, individuals are being charged & it's time Fight The Fines

  1. I know that covid is not the flu. But just imagine that 160 people in Manitoba in a year died from the flu (most over 70 with comorbidities). Would you now think we would be in agreement to enforce the current , ummm, police state?

  2. The weaselly "We're all part of @teamCanada" are not loosing their paychecks or livliehood…..just YOU, the small businesses and it's employees. "When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty". Vote PPC as if your life depends on it,as it does.

  3. Which province is worst? Manitoba or Ontario? Both have the traitors at the top making it crystal clear they want to make their masters proud by being the first traitor to turn their province into a full on tyrannical ditactorship, but who oppresses better?

  4. Hey, have you guy's heard of the freedom rally held in Steinbach, Manitoba where a Reeve of a local municipality spoke out that he did not agree with the restrictions being imposed actually being the best way to deal with the situation and was given a $1295 fine and it was posted on local media( Steinbach Online) that all that attended would also be recieving fines in the mail. A cleaning staff at the Bethesda Hospital said it was not full when msm was saying it was overrun. Many people had filmed the hospital emergency room to show it was empy but they are removed from youtube. My wife drives by Bethesda hospitals everyday she goes to work and it is not as busy as before the pandemic. My wife also suffers from asthma and doctors won't give an exemption. One doctor said he wasn't supposed to give exemptions.It's literally scary to think what the next step will be as long as we don't speak out ……MILITARY CONTROL this is not freedom.

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