February 26, 2021


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Fined for playing football! UK cops on film charging man after leaving field with family

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39 thoughts on “Fined for playing football! UK cops on film charging man after leaving field with family

  1. 🚣‍♀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Only a properly configured court can fine you. Not police pcso dvla council only a court it is is is the law. We agreed to uphold the un declaration of human rights. We are again in breach. Peace and love everyone Rick

  2. The police force is run or controlled by the DEEP STATE, these deep state soldiers had there chance to uncover the deep corruption within the force, non of them had any guts to come forward, the hammer is about to fall on the DEEP STATE, this hammer will fall on the police to, you are all responsible for your individual actions, so take care with your actions in and towards the public regardless of your orders, you are still only another person living in this corupt world, the costume you all wear is pathetic and meaningless.

  3. Im from barry and us people have put up with a lot..the police were perfectly happy to allow our island to get invaded by cardiff residents and many others but us locals get harrased by the awful barry police.
    BARRY police need auditing they are lazy corrupt and liars.

  4. But elite sports all over the world who are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a month can play freely, hug and kiss each other…. Brilliant isn't it! When are the people going to rise up? When a police officer puts a gun to their head and they realize the hole they are in. Will they get on the train for the camp or will they stand up against tyranny? I'm so ashamed of these weak men today who go around with their masks killing themselves with CO2.

  5. ANY fine or arrest by South Wales police on the grounds of covid was invalidated last night by their actions in allowing a BLM protest to go ahead with zero interference. This is clear evidence of racial/political bias in the policing of covid regulations. Write or appear in court and claim racial profiling/ discrimination as evidenced of bias by SWP . A claim of racism against you by the police has already been proven by their actions so ask for compensation while your at it.

  6. It's not law it will go to mistrial in magistrates becoz it is not law police are only allowed to fine if it was therefore take them to court for abuse of power and criminal extortion get badge numbers and sew the officers and their superiors

  7. The point hear is not to compare other situations people or opinions against this example of Dictating fascism toward innocent people especially ones who are particularly exercising their right to freedom. We should perhaps look at the government in which has clearly shown that dividing and conquering its population only strengthens its grip on power! If you can not understand this basic concept you should not comment any further, simply look your children in the eye in 15 years from now and explain to them why you sold out their freedom because you were a government puppet!

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