May 13, 2021


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Fire Rod Phillips! Ontario Finance Minister left Canada for Christmas vacation amid brutal lockdown

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50 thoughts on “Fire Rod Phillips! Ontario Finance Minister left Canada for Christmas vacation amid brutal lockdown

  1. Awesome. Get all these liers and globalist 🐷 in jail. We the people can wake up the rest of the sheeple. Where's Trudeau at the Great Reset Camp?

  2. This poor politician had to see his family and enjoy the weather. If I was in his place I would screw the public over too! BUT I would run for Liberal PM and get voted in because i think politically. Lie my face off, screw the public, apologize when I get caught and enjoy the stupidity of my constituents!

  3. So, what will his severance be? What will his pension be? It is easy to quit your job when you've been making mid to high six figures for several years and then get a severance and big pension while you wait to get recruited by the companies that you have favored while in office. Quitting is too easy and getting fired is too easy for these crooks and liars.

  4. Rebel: I suspect other politicians broke the no Travel bans of their respective provinces. Not just this one. Ask the Rebel Solders to send to you video or pictures of ALL the politicians breaking their own draconian rules. I suspect you will get tons of responses.

  5. If you ask me: He was looking for the easy out. No doubt for at least the forseeable future all politicians are going to be blamed. What is the easiest way to leave? Make the people want to make you leave, or inotherwords – do something slightly stupid but something that dumb media outlets will latch onto like a fly to a dungheap.

    To say that he did not have this all figured out before he made a trip to the islands, would be naive on a scale that has me worried for the intelligence of your average person.

  6. I'm not buying this resignation, I feel its a front and distraction to appease the public They are still pushing the UN/VATICAN/WHO/CDC/WEF/GREAT RESET "Lockdown" for our own good which is going to escalate further and further.

    Global News reported "Health passports" for flights. Proving Negative to board. It wont end. Until they've sifted the entire world nation by nation. Those who refuse will be placed in Camps out of health risks to others.

    Those who comply will have full lateral movement and seal they're own fate.
    Pope fulfilling end time prophecy

  7. phillips just resign to the Finance Minister Office but did he will keep his riding?
    He should be banned for any public office for life!!

  8. Fire Ford…. how dare he think he has the right to order people to stay at home, close your businesses etc. This is all to help the WEF to push their agenda through. Open the economy. Let the businesses survive, open their doors. Lockdowns and masks do not help. Is Trudeau going to the next meeting in Davus next summer. Our we, the tax payers, paying for him to attend the Great Reset meetings to help him and destroy us to the level of slaves to the government?

  9. What about the other people who actually broke the dumb covid rules? This was hypocrisy but no rules were technically broken.

    A lot more people need to resign on all sides in many countries.

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