May 14, 2021


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First comes COVID lockdowns, then comes climate lockdowns | Marc Morano with Ezra Levant

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30 thoughts on “First comes COVID lockdowns, then comes climate lockdowns | Marc Morano with Ezra Levant

  1. I will get this book but the real covid is from 2019, why is no one talking about the class 4 biology lab in Winnipeg Canada when castro-trudeau had two biology lab techs removed from the lab and sent to Wuhan china when the Chinese military games were going on and the military troops got severely sick from a bacteria in the food, but not the Chinese military troops.
    Look it up and you will see the truth ,as everyone is born with virus,s in them and our immune system keeps us healthy as long as you don,t get stressed out because stress causes you immune system to shut down, wake up REBEL NEWS research and tell everyone this mask and virus is a scam ,also no one needs a vaccine, ,,peel four grapefruits put peels in pot with lots of water boil for twenty minutes, when you take off burner leave lid on until cool then take out the peels and save the quinine and drink a cup a day and you,LL never get sick wake up.

  2. If everyone in the myth is Canada wrote to castro-trudeau that he has no support , then he would have to step down. Period.
    But no one is talking about the huge number of foreigners coming into the myth is Canada on all the international flights landing in mississauga airport and not being forced into covid hotels but they are given social insurance numbers from the federal government, so the next rigged election will be in the liberals favour.

  3. TGND is bullshit, just like the C-19 pandemic. It is a tool of gov't to control us. They use fear and lies to divide us, the old divide and conquer, well Trudeau has used that perfectly. Soon we'll all be in the field, chewing grass and patiently waiting to be led to the slaughter house. FREEDOM OR DEATH.

  4. The climate is constantly changing our earth cycles just as our bodies do why don’t they tell us what really causes our climate to change extremely.. because it is well documented that weather manipulation, cloud seeding with nano particulates The fuel in jet’s has changed to include toxic metal particulates also the fuel that they call bunker fuel that comes from ships actually causes more damage to our oceans and our environment than all the cars in the world..True facts

  5. We don’t have Conservative party in Canada anymore. This party never win the election if it stays the way it is now. Maybe they don’t even want to win. They just like having their warm place and good celeries and high pension and they don’t want to change anything

  6. FFS your still a conservative you still want a leader to take you in whatever direction you consent to at the ballot box

  7. WARNING: The pandemic will be rolled into the Global Climate agenda, it's imminent!

    It's been over a year and the empirical science and data is very clear. Basically we've been duped — plain and simple — By agenda driven corrupted politicians, media and career scientists and doctors desperately trying to keep a fraudulent narrative perpetuating as long as possible. What we are witnessing is a gigantic struggle to consolidate total power and control over the people by the government and the infectious disease community wants to show complete uncontested knowledge and relevance to a world that a year ago was viewed in essence as non-existent!

    "The Vaccine was Not brought in for Covid — Covid was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense" — Dr. Reiner Fullmich — Crimes against humanity Lawyer.
    — (WHO) whistelblower, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger — This has been in the works for years By Bill Gates and the (WHO), all it took was a perceived Global Crisis to implement the action!

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