September 25, 2021


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Fix Achilles Tendonitis: Absolute 2 Best Self-Treatments (Updated & Science Based)

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24 thoughts on “Fix Achilles Tendonitis: Absolute 2 Best Self-Treatments (Updated & Science Based)

  1. I massaged the soleus and the Achilles pain went away in both tendons. Unfortunately, 30 minutes later the tenderness returns but the massage gets rid of the pain. Do I need a deeper soleus massage to get the pain gone for good?

  2. Ok. This is going to seem strange. I have bursitis in my hip. I saw where someone said to use a rolling pin to massage the outside of the hip. It works. I could not lay on that hip at all. I figured why not try it on my calf. It does help stretch that muscle too.

  3. Magnesium bisglycinate if your body is cramping so easily😊. Thank you for the stuff to help heal. Is it common to feel the pain also across the side of ankle towards the front of your foot and bottom of heel? It also is touch sensitive on palpitation on the outside side side of my foot beneath my ankle? No problems ever. Slept with a weighted blanket for the first time. Remember flicking my foot in the middle of the night to move the blanket. Did not feel painful at the time. Next day, and on into my third day, pretty bad pain. Could hardly walk. No bruising, or swelling that I can see. Seems to be what you describe for Achilles’ tendonitis

  4. I echo Layla Wood's request. We have three vids so far regarding mid-portion Achilles tendonitis, and each conveys equivalent information. How about one focusing on lateral insertional Achilles tendonitis????

  5. YouTube videos should be like wills – when you update each topic delete all the previous ones.

    Why have a bunch of videos about fixing one specific injury? I wouldn’t mind so much but each 15 minute video only contains two minutes of useful information.

  6. Any advice on an ankle injury that got both my Achilles and the leg nerves inflamed (outside of the leg down all the way down then at the top of the foot)? I'm seeing both a PT and a chiropractor and I'm afraid I'll go broke before that nerve will calm back down. The pain is worse, not better after my appointments.

  7. I will admit I haven’t seen you guys for a couple of months. I fell Oct 16 and got a compound fracture of my little finger. It is better but not good yet. My Achilles is bad on my left foot. Hope this will work for me. Hey guys I’m falling apart. Love you both.

  8. running in circles and figure eights before getting on the field may be a good idea as well… im finding it very difficult to get back to normal. just strained it again shuffle dancing (wasn't thinking) … Bust a Move I also massage it with holy oil from St Josephs Oratory. St Brother Andres recommendation. Hey Apollos arrow did in Achilles

  9. I back squat Low bar for powerlifting have recently injured something in my left rear shoulder it’s more into the rear deltoid area of my left shoulder it only flairs up when i simply put something across my back such as a bar bell have tried multiple stretches you guys have on your channel.. i have perfect form i have a licensed with a master degree Kinesiologist watching me do these it has been going on for about 3 weeks i have reduced my volume and it’s has gotten worse so much to i can barley put something across my back into the low bar position I’m resting it and have been stretching out the area doing alittle resistance band work for my left shoulder.. Enjoy the content you guys release wanted to know if you could maybe help me out here

  10. Some great advice as usual, thank you.
    I do the band and step exercise but not the massage. When it's inflamed the massage would be perfect I think.
    I had a stroke 3years ago spent a month in hospital therapy there and The New Beginnings stroke and brain injury recovery therapies now in both places they use eccentric exercise and stretch and I find it works wonders for both stroke damage and my Achilles heel.
    Just wanted to also thank you two so much for my impingement and bruisitis stretches, it's been almost 5 months and since taking your advice in the past 2wks I feel at least 50-60%better. Right shoulder doing good left shoulder because I'm left handed and had a super inspenatis tear about 10yrs ago still pretty bad. But working with my chiropractor who also has a quantum neurology degree says we should be doing much better in no time doing your stretches and his techniques.
    Sorry usually don't leave messages, so I blurted out everything.
    You guys are amazing thank you.🌈

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