April 20, 2021


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FLASHBACK: Santa Claus Gets ME TOO'D (Parody)

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31 thoughts on “FLASHBACK: Santa Claus Gets ME TOO'D (Parody)

  1. Today is the 30th of December 2020. There are 20 days 19 hours 57 minutes and 26 seconds remaining until the authoritarian nightmare which is the Trump presidency finally ends.

  2. We need to Strike. Starting at Noon January 20, 2021.

    We need to remind the rich and the powerful that they survive by the will of the people.

    We will not be silenced.


    The line in the sand. The Last chance for peace.

    Think you can rely on Congress to "do the right thing…?"

    President Trump has called for your support!

    Support Pres. Trump IN STRENGTH when Congress reviews the Electorate. Jan 6, 2021.

    2A March on DC and Every State Capital on January 6 2021. Let them SEE US! Let them KNOW their coup will not stand!

    While you're there meet & greet. You want to know HOW to organize to make a STAND FOR FREEDOM…?

    Here's your chance. Here's your chance to do it BEFORE… a need for greater persuasion… arises.

    If we relinquish America to the Left there will be no "next election." This is no longer even remotely business as usual, things are NOT going to continue on as they always have.

    They're already attacking and even killing us in the streets. It's not new. They have been
    doing it and you know it.

    What do you think will happen if or when they have the Presidency…?

    They're already "making lists…"

    Now let's show them who we are…


    Inherent in the 2nd Amendment is the choice of if or when to raise a militia to defend our Constitutional Republic and it is ENTIRELY IN THE HANDS OF THE CIVILIAN POPULATION.

    The Constitution specifically gives the RIGHT to the INDIVIDUAL Citizens to keep and bear arms and to raise a militia – and decide how to use it.

    The government AND COURTS have no authority over the decision.

    It is in fact "THE" Fail-Safe for a situation like the one the Leftists have created now.

    In fact, the 2nd A's intent was that we can defend the Constitution AND OURSELVES
    FROM… a treacherous, treasonous government…

    George Washington didn't free the country by himself. We can't depend on
    Pres. Trump to save our country, our homes, ourselves – alone.

    Do NOT let an evil minority conquer the United States of America.



    We have to cut this off BEFORE they get the White House…

    If he takes office they'll crush any movement we raise – we're too unorganized and they control the lockdowns, the media and all communications and then… the military…

    Semper Fi

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