April 10, 2021


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Florida Nullifies Mandated Insanity!

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29 thoughts on “Florida Nullifies Mandated Insanity!

  1. Sibel, you are entirely too pretty of woman to get lip botox. It looks unnatural and forced. Enjoy your beauty and be more than happy with what you were born with!

  2. Restore the balance between State and Federal: REPEAL the Seventeenth Amendment. While we're at it: get political-party control out of our elections altogether.

  3. Can I ask a question, if someone wanted to get a politician or an issue voted for or on, could a person or persons go door by door to get signatures signed to remove someone? I heard 100,000 signatures are need, not sure if true but could this be done. Lets say in FL?

  4. The longer u cry about ur "Freedom" the longer we'll be going though this pandemic. Asia has beaten this virus because theyve always had a culture of mask wearing since SARS. I wish I people grow the f*ck up and put on a mask.

    FREEDOM is all fun n games until ur mother or father ends up in an ICU. We'll see if ur still on youtube making silly ass videos. 😷🕵

  5. You are correct, they are way bloated. Many after the decades long cointel pro programs I believe are somewhat hesitant and untrusting of who is who and really want to know who is who, its like many want to get involved honestly but ppl are not too trusting at this moment. What do you think?

  6. Its the beast system of Revelation forming.
    Masks will become the mark of the beast after the great reset. The "personality disordered "(psychology,dsm=deflecting from demonic influence) leaders will be using the world economy to force our compliance(then worship). I am crazy right? Wrong




    C eye a been hiding noahs ark since its discovery in like 1959.

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” — William Casey Director of the C. Eye A. at an early February 1981 meeting of the newly elected President Reagan in the Roosevelt Room of the WH with his new cabinet secretaries.

  7. Covid -19 was first reported in 2019 as a rare disease and I think it still is. Richard A Rothschild (Deep State) took out a Patent in 2015 for the testing kits that were returned by the CDC as inadequate and they still are. The test kits will test positive for cold and flu as COVID. Dr Birx said all deaths should be for COVID; so people dying with COVID and reported as dying of COVID even when their death is from a different cause.

  8. I want to get involved. I am also new to FL and so glad I moved here. It ended up being the move of a lifetime. I’m in Hillsborough County. I am happy to have left the NY/CT and tri-state area of the northeast, where I was born and raised and spent all my life. (It’s hopeless there) No more. I’m not one of those who came down here to bring leftist ideologies, rather, I ran from them.

  9. Not in FL but i have subbed to the FL nullifies on youtube. Please make sure keep it all free. most will not take the time to pay for information. Way too many channels to get it. Good luck

  10. I heard Walmart won't let you shop in their stores if you don't get vaccinated and produce a certificate! This is how they make you Comply by denying you essential services.

  11. How do we do exactly what they are so afraid of and get together. What do you say, Meet up in Tampa/ Sarasota? Speak about ways to keep our money flowing locally and out of the hands of Walmart’s off shores bank account

  12. Sibel,Please reach out to Krisanne and JD Hall powerful Constitutional force for liberty right here in FL./cenral FL. sure to be helpful in this cause.

  13. Great Talk!! Everyone in blue states are running to red states. However they bring their cognitive bias and ideologies/insanity to destroy it until they will have no where left to run. Even then they won’t get it!!

  14. I live in SD. Perhaps we will nullify the insanity here. Hard to say. We'll see. Meantime good luck, FL! I moved to SD a little over a year ago to escape nonsense like this. I knew it was coming. So here I am. I will gladly move again, to FL, if I see anything like Sibel is talking about here.

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