April 10, 2021


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For Those Who Fear Death & Aging

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30 thoughts on “For Those Who Fear Death & Aging

  1. I like your mathematics Pat, but it is not applicable in the real world. You maybe 22 years old by your calculations but for sure can not have sex every day and sometimes few times a day as you probably did when you were at your real 22 years of age. Human body does not know your mathematics. Sorry.

  2. The maths is bullshit. The human body doesn't work like that… Yes we have better health care and longer life expectancy but after a certain age… 33 being the average peak then usually it declines from there.

  3. Sorry but this is retarded. Life expectancy appears to be so low only because they factor child mortality. Otherwise is much, much more similar to ours. Even in the reinassnace we know of artists who lived to 90+ years (Michelangelo, titian) and it wasn't so uncommon.

  4. I continue to be positive even after a year long of unemployment and don't even think about my age however employers are biased and only hire the young, I've experienced this at companies and now job searching…you should do an episode on agism in the workplace. Thanks for your time.

  5. The secret to longevity was never a secret. The Chinese and Indians have been promoting for thousands of years. Just do YOGA & TAI CHI every single day. If you look at the stats for life expectancy of people doing Tai Chi and Yoga, they live to be pretty long. Plus you don't have to worry about having to use a cane at 90+. The real question is, are you really willing to put in the effort and do it?

  6. This body, planet, my friends and family are rentals. I am the Universe, arisen to know itself. The Universe is forever. I am a leaf on a tree. The leaf falls. The tree of true love lives on. Share the love. Peace. Buddhism is peace. Judaism is war. The breath is for peace. The intellect is for war. I am the middle path, the shoreline between all self same attached opposites that compliment and complete each other to sustain life. Enjoy the ride. One day I will die. For 30,000 days I will live in the breath. Peace.

  7. You are not your age, your skin color, your name, your gender, your religion, your ego, your intellect. You are your breath, timeless, transcendent, in the REAL Garden of Eden, with REAL Creator God. Let go of the idea of being your fake magic money, your IQ, your education, your income, your net worth, your possessions. I am my breath. I am the Universe. Driver's license says 69. Reality? I am transcendent and will live forever as the Universe. Share true love in the breath. Words are fake. Breath is real.

  8. You are right…and incidentally, look younger than you did a year or so ago! 👍 I will be 74 soon. People say I look to be in my 50’s. My lifestyle is great! I hike, do hip hop, yoga, etc. I do NOT share the mindset of my demographic in any way. I have had the spare time to learn self-healing, nutrition, ancient wisdom, as well as how to quiet my mind. This is really paying off in today’s times, with all of the fear and paranoia about the future. 💥😉🙏

  9. its not just the medicine or lifestyle that lengthens your life, when you have money, its your serrotonin levels/your experienced status that makes you live longer, cause it makes you that much healthier and vitalizes you in many ways

  10. Eternal life is the most important. We will all face death but your spirit NEVER DIES! Death on earth is not the ultimate defeat. How you die may be the scarier thought. But why worry about tomorrow when it isn’t in our hands? Take it one day at a time.

  11. But 85% of the World is stuck living on processed food items because that's what we can afford. So maybe 15% can live older and better lifestyle but in reality most of us are fucked.

  12. I'm sorry, but Rockefeller is not the type of person I would hope any rational, loving, moral person would strive to emulate. The atrocities he committed to achieve his "success" is horrific!

  13. 1:20 Some would say — in today's terms — Rockefeller (Morgan, Carnegie, Rothschild etc.) set themselves about the structures and fuckery that would engage other men in "live"lihoods of hard labor that'd kill them much sooner than those "working" politics and bankers' wars with their uncalloused hands.

  14. Sorry Pat, I usually like your videos, but I can't let social status decide what I choose to fear. Like how life expectancy isn't going to be loosely accurate if the environment degrades past the point of no return, or how quality of life is going to take a nosedive if the state of civilization is sacrificed for 'progress' (which factors child mortality rates). Living forever may be a ridiculous notion after all – but it's getting the seekers to realize that they can't live forever without a world to live in.

  15. Pat, you need to have Dr. David Sinclair in for a sit down! He's amazingly intelligent and is a great researcher on life extension technology!

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