April 20, 2021


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Foreman laid off after quizzing COVID test? Ironworkers' union says Joe was “not fired, Joe quit!”

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36 thoughts on “Foreman laid off after quizzing COVID test? Ironworkers' union says Joe was “not fired, Joe quit!”

  1. look at the individual states that are in total lock down (New York, California) and look at the states that are in non Lock-down ( South Dekota, Texas & Florida) and guess what, they all have the same death rate within a half percent of each other indicated in there own website, this should be a clear indicator that lockdowns DO NOT WORK!!

  2. I can’t believe an employer would lie and say the employee quit and wasn’t fired… guys always have a witness with you at all times never go in an office alone without representation come on you know this…in that interview with the employer on the phone you can clearly hear his nervousness in his voice because he is so guilty of his lie….he knows there’s going to be repercussions you can’t mess with ironworkers

  3. Don’t take a test….don’t get a vaccine….don’t wear masks….stand up for your rights! The more you give in to their insane lies….the more they control you. Wake up sheep!!!!!

  4. The Ironworkers Union Spokesman sounds like Justin Trudeau when he AVOIDS ANSWERING Tough Questions about Corruption (or anything at all). He automatically reverts to OBFUSCATION MODE and go's around and round and round and round talking about nothing. He's so ANNOYING. Maybe they all belong to the same SECRET BOY'S CLUB where they are all taught how to OFFICIOUSLY OBFUSCATE…

  5. Government gangster the vaccination destroyers your amun systems for the first week and the government had known about this in England. Found out yesterday

  6. Ahhh, This reminds me of the old days… If you refused too take a drug and alcohol test, you MUST BE GUILTY..so, if you refuse too test for COVID, you must have COVID and what? Authorities arrest and put you in quarantine?

  7. Going into an OPG is the biggest hassle imaginable.
    Joe did the right thing. Stand you ground Brother. Keep your spuds sharp.
    It's a shame the halls can't get ahead of this. The only way any union to get rules and policies in place is if every corporation and the MOL can set a standard to follow. Then union Policies can be written and fought.
    These policies can't be developed if the Government won't even honour our basic Human Rights. If 80 Ironworkers would of refused the test, OPG would of removed all 80 Ironworkers from site. Then what? 80 new employees would come to site. Possibly not even skilled trade Ironworkers would come to site to complete the projects.

  8. If this doesn't tell you that the unions are not there for you, I don't know what does. Strike against the unions. Refuse to pay your dues. Strike, strike, strike.

  9. We all need to stand up and ask questions about what the government are asking us to do with our bodies why are Canadian's paying for covid testing and Hotel accommodation.

  10. People need to get smart. Force them to tell you clearly you're fired. Keep showing up to work until that time to force their hand. Make it clear you're intent on working so there's no misunderstanding.

  11. Where’s your Brothers now ? Sickening absurdity the first time I get asked to have some foreign object jammed up my nose is the last day I’ll be on that job site as well Unfortunately.

  12. You'd think workers would be in more danger from leaked radiation at a nuclear plant than from a virus. You got to love artificial intelligence: the end of this video triggered an advert for Ugolini Beverage Dispenser Company. LOL! Who knew Tamara was a Dispenser heiress?

  13. These companies don't mind damaging employees lives without any thought or policy. I wish he did not have to sue the company but to get Justice he will probably have to.

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