July 24, 2021


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Former Antifa Activist Reveals Their True Agenda

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44 thoughts on “Former Antifa Activist Reveals Their True Agenda

  1. There must be a prosecutor somewhere in America that can charge that fascist, racist, lame duck President Trump with sedition, so he will finally get locked up for 17 years. Lock him up! Lock him up! ??

  2. The high Majority of Mexicans in the???? USA are called Mexican Rancheros! They are from the north of Mexico where the Cartels are from! These people are racist among other Hispanics and Latinos! Telemundo! Univision are Rancheros! There are 4( four) classes of Mexicans! Mexico City & other cities in Mexicos! & in Towns! Have suffered because of the Cartels & this idiology! ! Its a huge shame these teachers filtrated in rhe USA to teach this!- How did it go this far! I dont know! I cant beleive they dont like Omar! Ocasio! Talib & Presley! Or Obama! They hate the USA! Omar started a fire & unrest! They all do! Soros & Obama does fun Antifa!

  3. I admire this young man for having an enquiring mind & seeing through the violence & purpose of Antifa. However, he's truly naive. ALL political movements are funded by the 1%. The world's run by the rich. They've started & funded every war on both sides. You need to do more research!

  4. @ Cryto Tonight- If they think that our govt establishment is a threat, then they should seek out the govt and their places. If that is their actual logic, then they should also come to a conclusion that we are ALL victims, but instead of helping the world, they attack its civies instead. Why? Cause they cant fight the Govt. So like the pussyholes they are, they go after the people who disagree instead of maybe reaching out??

    But you see, thats not what their all about. They are about changing the world through force, because they have failed to do what they are supposed to do in this life. Their failures. Its that simple So now they want to seize power. So they hide behind a mask of supposed virtue and an actual mask to attack innocent people. You have the nerve to sit here and attempt to level the playing field claiming that both sides have hatred? Please stop. The civies are totally justified for retaliation and those who provoked it is clear. All these Anti jokers care about is power and taking control. So stop riding the fence. I dont sympathies with Comnsts and Chesters..

  5. They hate Capalisim,but Drink coke EtBig Mac's Drive Cars ,Go to Expensive Universities. Frauds little people,looking for something to Blame for their inadequacies…..????✝️????

  6. Brave in A Large Crowd,. Probably been bullied at school,not sure whether their Boys or Girls, whether they Come in The Front Door,or prefer to use The Tradesmens, Enterence, They should pack up and go live in Venezuela….

  7. The problem is with this tupe of seemingly useful situation.this "former" wannabe gangster wont reveal anything we dont already know!
    So whats the purpose.i say go over the miles and miles of video of the rioting,fire setting,disregard and straight up hate in fact,go over the vids.and if HES identified in a crime? Prosecute him….because he admits to be a terrorist/formerly???? Ya.whats he do now? Their spokesperson? That kids a dime for 1000 of em.smug.smiling.lucky enougj to be in the fold of anything from now on.if you admit to being a member…… that alone sjould be 5-10 automatically..that would fix their asses…….no hate here at all.but if you seen the extreme ish theyve done,SHOUTING DOWN THE VERY ELDERLY.ON A WALKING DEVICE.WITH HER ELDERLY HUSBAND!!?? OOOOOOOOOHHELLLNO NO!!!!!

  8. More Conservatives should consider jobs in education. There's not just a conspiracy for there to be only liberal educators. Conservatives minds tend to lean more towards entrepreneurship and corporate jobs whereas liberals tend to be more into the arts, activism and education. Making indoctrination very easy. All liberal ideas are not bad just like all Conservative ideas are not bad but there should always be some sort of healthy balance.

  9. I think today they're doing it out of their hearts while getting paid. You can't tell me they aren't using the children in the US on purpose. Also , I heard that reporters are being forced to cover these groups in the media. Whose giving the order and no doubt doing it by threatening their jobs.

  10. "Capitalist societies go to war the least because wars are so expensive" Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Ahahahahahahahah!!! I am on the floor, dying from laughter here. What a load of ignorant bullshit. Wars are always waged for one reason and one reason only – ECONOMIC GAIN. Everything else, including religion, is just an excuse. Yes, my dear atheists, – religion always was the perfect excuse, but it's merely an excuse. Wars aren't fought because of religion. As seductive and mindless as religion is, it is never the prime cause for war. You are NEVER going to go out and fight another tribe unless that tribe has something you want: women, natural resources, access to hunting grounds, better cave, a clean water stream etc. Economic gain was historically the prime means of ensuring successful reproduction. Try and tell the American Military Industrial Complex that wars aren't profitable, that they should spend most of that 700 Billion dollars on Universal Healthcare, on equal access to post-secondary education, – and they will laugh in your face! Here: tell these companies how "expensive" wars are if you want to be made a fool out of (for something way more idiotic than trying to end a sentence with a preposition): https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2013/03/10/10-companies-profiting-most-from-war/1970997/ How about this here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVW11a2tkgU
    Try to tell the Russian Almaz-Antey or the Kalashnikov Concern which supplies 27 countries of the world with firearms that wars aren't profitable, and in the end – you'll be walking out of their office with samples of their newest submachine guns, and a contract for outdated S-400, because they know how to sell anything to anyone, even the most brainwashed peacenik hippie!! America is the model capitalist society and there are only 3 countries in the entire world that USA has not invaded!! Those are Bhutan, Andorra and Liechtenstein! All other countries have seen American boots in one form or another. https://www.wearethemighty.com/articles/these-are-the-only-3-countries-america-hasnt-invaded/ Yes, Even Russia was once a part of Entente, and the American troops were sent to Russia in 1918 to help the Russian White Army, and make sure their supplies didn't fall into Bolsheviks' hands!! Granted the Allies started bickering amongst themselves and the Red Army by late 1918 could have easily kicked the behinds of the small expeditionary force they had in Russia, so they "abandoned ship". But it was a gamble – another war for economic reasons!! So please, don't tell me how "wars aren't profitable" you brainwashed dufus. )))) What a bloody joke!! What could be scarier than the realisation that even idiots like Antifa are smarter than you?!?!?

  11. Spend some time on THE TIPPING POINT and find out exactly what is going on in America. Trump was put in as president to fight and kill off the Cabal who are running your country and putting these professors you talk about into these educational institutions to hurt the average American. It is a luciferin cabal war that is really going on. Here is one link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8W_kTsZ2xs

    Post Election Update#4: US Military 2020 Election Sting Operation Leading 2 trump 2nd Term Landslide

  12. Man has dominion over the creators gift, travel is a basic creator endowed right. Governments are a creation of the mind, vested with our individual rights, to safeguard our interests while we pursue worthy endeavors. Permission can be revoked as rights are the pinnacle of private property. Governments have zero authority to commit acts you yourself cannot commit while following the fathers perfect law. We were warned we would end up slaves in our land. The end was told from the beginning and unfolding according to prophecy, the great deception has begun.

  13. Talk about a wake up call. We have to take back our schools first and get rid
    of Common Core. Radical communists have infiltrated the school system. Can you imagine teachers doing this to students? Unbelievable. Thank God he is exposing Antifa for who they are.

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