February 26, 2021


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Former Doug Ford Conservatives lobby to keep Walmart OPEN — while Adamson BBQ gets CLOSED

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25 thoughts on “Former Doug Ford Conservatives lobby to keep Walmart OPEN — while Adamson BBQ gets CLOSED

  1. Doug Ford and all Canadian politicians and politicians around the whole world are always for the big corporation remember who elects them and who funds them no need to get upset about things like this…
    It's been like this forever.. lol 🤣😂

  2. If ppl have to close their businesses then walmart should only be selling things in the grocery and pharmacy section and the rest of the store should be blocked off.

  3. Lockdown the Globalist Politicians in Parliament ( EVERY PARTY ) , Lockdown the Costco’s and Walmarts! Screw the Globalists! SMALL BUSINESS IS GREATER than ALL of them. 👊🏼 Lockdown all the CPC, Liberals, Ndp, Greens, PC’s, Democrats, Etc.,

  4. The end is near for modern days The whole entire world needs a reset back to the Stone Age and rid of all evil and start over and make better choices this time around for a better and more advanced peaceful world in the future of 4078

  5. God is watching, and the fate of the likes of Tory, Ford, and Trudeau is chiseled in stone. As far as us little guys and our once-great nations go… "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (II Chronicles 7:14)

  6. I have no problem with people getting rich. What I have a problem with is CRIMINALS! As far as I am concerned these politicians that take BRIBS from Walmart are CRIMINALS! What has Walmart promised Doug Ford’s FAMILY?

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