April 10, 2021


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Fox News Cuts Away as Press Sec. Goes on EXPLOSIVE Rant About the Election Results

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46 thoughts on “Fox News Cuts Away as Press Sec. Goes on EXPLOSIVE Rant About the Election Results

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  2. This is the most biased comment section ever. They cut away solely because there was no DIRECT evidence of fraud. "Every illegal vote to be discarded" Then most news outlets cut away. Why? Not to sensor. But literally to point out that there have been little to no ILLEGAL votes. People who say there is a lot of evidence of fraud should look at Trumps court cases. Judges have NOT been nice to him. Feel free to argue with me below. But she was saying false or misleading info.

  3. (This is Michael) Yeah Yeah; Yeah Kayliegh McEnany. You Speak LIES, LIES, LIES, and More LIES to the point that YOUR OWN Vice President of FOX NEWS, NICK CAVUTO, Finds it Necessary to STOP YOU and Cut YOU OUT of Spewing More LIES that the election was Fraudulent. Listen to the Conservative AND Liberal Court Decisions on Fraudulent Voting, KAYLIEGH, and YOU WILL find that Your Claims, Giuliani's Claims, and Trump's Claims are ALL FALSE.

  4. Ok this logic is so severely flawed. If the Republicans had won would she be saying this? I do not think she would. So the election process is only fraudulent if your side loses? That is the issue here. Dishonesty at a national level.

  5. We need a brutal force, burst into the counting room and arrests whoever complaining and stopping to do a fair election recounts, this needs to end and done correctly and fast.

  6. If the demonrats were as clear and transparent as Kayleigh we would not be in the situation we are in today!
    Kayleigh has explained the evil very clearly, Thank God we have honest clear thinking people in positions who can sort through the BS.

  7. Kayleigh mcEnany and the Trump administration has renewed my faith in this country…i have spent most of my life in poverty, thanks to the Trump administration I can see a future outside of the poverty level of life…bless you all.

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