May 13, 2021


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Fox News is NOT Your Friend! Here's Why… | Good Morning #MugClub

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29 thoughts on “Fox News is NOT Your Friend! Here's Why… | Good Morning #MugClub

  1. I took your advice, Mr. Crowder, and attempted to watch CNN. I watched about 45 seconds. I got soooo pissed. Then I thought, maybe I need to take baby steps, so I switched to ABC. It was just as bad! So, if I'm stuck in an echo-chamber because I'm sticking with conservative news, I guess I'm just stuck in an echo chamber.

  2. I stopped watching television news and turned on blaze tv and yalls show, I watch television news sometimes when I’m bored and want to laugh or see what lies they are telling but other then that they don’t get any air time from me nor my family!

  3. I am the groundskeeper for a large apartment complex. We have TVs in the common areas: fitness room, the pool cabana, the game room, the Welcome Entrance & the club house. I have control of remotes for these TVs. I used to always be changing them whenever no one was using them to FOX. But, because of what Steven is reporting, as well as other Conservatives, I now happily always try to have the TVs tuned to Newsmax. FOX, you reeeeeaaally f’d up!!!

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