April 10, 2021


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Frankenstein Saved Millions of Lives

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36 thoughts on “Frankenstein Saved Millions of Lives

  1. If you're wondering why Nate Dogg and Warren G started this video, I have no answers. I got to work and one of the physiologists said "it's a clear night" and this thought grew in my mind like Leo Di Caprio put it there himself. During my first two cases I couldn't stop whistling Regulate and by 3am I had recorded the monstrosity you see before you (get it, regulators?) I don't know. Leave me alone.

  2. In the early 30s my father, then an apprentice builder, did some work on a house that had been badly affected by fire. The story was that its owner had died and her cognitively challenged son, who having recently seen the Frankenstein film. tried to revive her by plugging her into the mains. A subsequent short circuit led to the fire. Don't know what happened to the son..

  3. Pacemakers are a fine example of the good side of becoming cyborgs. Saving lives is important, but my priority is butt implants that vaporize the poo on exit, let's get Tesla to go back to first principles and reinvigorate the best part of the day 🙂

  4. I am shocked by your story. At one point I was overloaded with information and had to re-fuse to listen, until my capacity was up, then I charged into your story, and am shocked by what I was hearing, finally I relized that if I sat on the ground, my brain could get rid of the short story and I lit up like a Christmas tree. Thank You. Brother James

  5. An image in Brilliant you've showed about formula1 made me wonder: do vascular and cardio doctors study fluid mechanics/dynamics? I had two semesters and it sucked big time:) I can only imagine what it would be if having to study this inasanity alongside the complex medical subjects:)

  6. ADVICE: When using a defibrillator with hand-held electrodes, if others are present, it's not unwise for a physician to apply one while another person applies and holds the other. Should insulation fail or an undesired conducting pathway otherwise form, injury can be avoided. Can't happen? I was present when it did and a bright young cardiologist in a major referral hospital was injured.

  7. Just stumbled onto your channel today, checked out the video list, and, as a Medtronic employee, had to click the Frankenstein thumbnail guessing where it would lead.

    I wonder if you've visited the Bakken Museum in Minnesota. They have an original edition of Shelley's book in storage along with other early medical devices.

    Glad to have found you outside of this connection.

  8. It was actually Percy Shelley who was obsessed with galvanism where he even kept galvanic machinery in his room at Oxford years before he ever met Mary Godwin who was clearly influenced by Percy and his ideals of reanimation and Milton.

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