May 8, 2021


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FRAUD WEEK #1: Dominion (Irregularities and Potential Fraud) | Louder With Crowder

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30 thoughts on “FRAUD WEEK #1: Dominion (Irregularities and Potential Fraud) | Louder With Crowder

  1. This election is the biggest fraud ever. With the actual evidence and people coming forward and the mainstream media is hiding the truth. They hid Hunter Biden, they hide facts the economy is doing better, and the numbers are being spun. Open your eyes people, this is not about Biden or Trump, this about people that defrauded the election and will now taint every one going forward. Call me crazy, but just look at the other side and make your own decision, check out NTD news, Crowderbits, Ben Shapiro, Fox, and hell Sky News Australia. And then tell me everything is on the up and up.

    I can understand people are willing to let the fraud pass to keep Trump out, but you are trading for even worse evil, you are ceding your right to vote and pick the people who are supposed to lead and take care of us and defend our freedoms. People that commit fraud to get what they want do not have your best interest in mind, even if for now it might temporarily align with your wishes. It is easy to give short snappy comebacks and point fingers, it is harder to to actually look at the whole of a thing and make an informed decision.

    A decision that may be unpopular and the only one against a howling majority. But it yours, and yours alone. By allowing this fraud, you are allowing your decision and the decisions of others to be taken… to be stolen, now or in the future. Because these people that pulled this election stunt of fake votes are going to put whoever they want in in power and not you. They will make laws that will make it illegal for you to decide for yourself and if you go against the ideology of that horrid future… well… sounds a lot like certain countries that don't think individual liberties matter, that they can enslave you and take all your potential because they know better than you and thus should make all your decisions whether you like it or not.

    Again. This not about Trump or Biden.

    This is about you. Us. The US of A. Stay safe, Stay informed and I know you will see truth, and you will be righteously angry at the crimes that has been committed against you. Fight for truth. Fight for yourself. Because you are America.

  2. Do you want to know why the election was rigged?! Its because patriotism is worth more in value than money is to President Trump! He literally put us first before all else – not money, not outside intimidation, not popularity, not some
    selfish gain does he put ahead of us or this great nation. WELL China doesn't like Trump because he stopped letting them get away with billions of free trade tax all while our national debt was spiraling out of control, and he also put an end to politicians giving themselves wage increases and cracked down on improper use of tax payers money for personal gains WELL many like Nancy Pelosi doesn't like that. Companies like Facebook and TikTok primarily make money from selling your information- well China actually likes that they buy the heck out of it, but if China's has to pay tariffs that help the American economy then less money goes to greedy information selling CEOS that like to have fat wallets. WELL foriegn govt that wants the upper hand + multi-billionair media CEOS + greedy local politicians you payoff with a few million dollars = a rigged 2020 election

  3. I like how they pretend that sidney Powell is a serious "brilliant" attorney, and spend time qualifying it after playing an embarrassing clip of her stammering through a media appearance.
    The only things she's known for are defending enron executives and being turkish asset Michael Flynn's lawyer.

  4. Wow….thus video aged wonderfully. Lmfao!! How are you all loving all the credible evidence coming out to verify this? Youre not? Oh right, all the cases got thrown out and trump fired her. Lmao

  5. If you think in your wildest dreams that anything will come up big enough to make even a dent in the perceived legitimacy of Biden's win, you're either drunk or living in a fantasy. The Legacy Cartel Media (LCM) has convinced people too lazy to think for themselves that anyone who utters the word "conspiracy" is a right-wing lunatic. But conspiracies happen all the time. Read a book. Better yet, tell me who killed Jeffrey Epstein. #crookedhillary The pussyfication of the people of the land of the free and home of the brave is almost complete. #fakenews

  6. To get software approved by the federal government, you normally have to go through a certification process. That process doesn't certify all your software, just a specific release. If you update the software after the certification, it has to be recertified again before it can be deployed or the systems can be upgraded. When deployed, there is typically a "soak" period where no changes can be made, and then you can't update the software without going through the recertification and testing phases again. There is no reason for anyone with any time in IT to update critical software right before an election. That is the kind of thing that gets your boss' boss fired and your career ended.

  7. Yall need to watch Liberty, Life and Levin…….and get a Constitutional lesson on the legal procedure. He explains that in a civil suit, all you need is a ponderance of evidence, to get time to go forward in an immediate finding evidence phase. They have that but these liberal judges at the district level, are being unconstitutional in their decisions. So, next is the supreme courts.

  8. I got the Bob Probert (R.I.P) reference. I'm from Boston and the Bruins are my team but I also liked the Red Wings. Bob Probert was a badass who protected Steve Yzerman and Sergei Fedorov.

  9. Rudy Guiliani announced Sidney Powell no longer part of trump legal team. Awww now who's going to release the Kraken?
    Wonder how long before someone asks Trump about the great job she's doing for him?

    Trump: uuuhhh sorry don't know her, have to ask Michael Cohen. I mean Rudy Guiliani. 😂😂😂

  10. But remember, folks!
    "NO FRAUD! It's impossible to rig a presidential election (even though we've been reeee-ing 'RUSSIAN COLLUSION' for four years now).
    "But no. Now that we have OUR boy elected, ZERO CHANCE OF FRAUD! And you had all better bend the knee and accept your Communist Overlords because we're making a list of dissenters and if you don't bend over and take it, we're going to make you unemployable. Hashtag: Submit or Starve."

  11. Dominion voting systems across all states, countries? Algorithms software how long this been going on for decades years?? Affidavits testimonies camera footage. There's so much to consider. People really need to take this seriously and investigate.

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