May 11, 2021


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French expert: Covid has exposed the limits of the human species

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50 thoughts on “French expert: Covid has exposed the limits of the human species

  1. Great interview until the end. Asking the question about what we can do into the future. Reactive answers around the virus and mostly old people. (I'm getting on) . Where's the questions about prevention and about most old people are still alive and why? How about questions about prevention? Getting rid of cheap processed 'food'? (Custard Creams at 55p shoud be £5.55 – even I would cough at that!) Treating people properly with diet, nutrition and lifestyle for prevention? Get the fat fckers off the couch – don't ask me to take restrictions, a chemical vaccine to keep you in bagels and beer and TV. Prevent them buggering themselves up and opening the doors to multiple medications. All this reduces immunity. Most oldies, especially healthy ones are still alive and kicking and not at all frightened of this 'killer virus'.

  2. The measures being taken have been too severe in relation to the actual alleged 'lethality' of this disease when put in perspective and in comparisons with other similar respiratory diseases such as TB, influenza and common colds. It is actually on the whole a mild infection the majority of people shrug off like the cold and has only been severe for a tiny proportion of the populations it has affected with a similar demograph to those who die of colds and flus with pneumonic complications.

  3. I like the discussion in general, but one thing sticks out to me.

    I find it odd to, on the one hand, acknowledge how the PCR tests used are essentially meaningless, but then go on to reference statistics based upon those tests.

  4. Ever heard much about Belarus before this year?
    In March this year, reluctant to shut the country down in the name of covid, it's Prime Minister carried on as normal. No masks, tests, social distancing, shutting down of sports events and activities. He advised his citizens to drink more vodka and have more more saunas if they were concerned about their health. There were no reports of elevated death levels in care homes.
    Concerned about this lone wolf the IMF offered the Prime Minister a financial incentive to "lock the country down", which he refused.
    Why was it offered? Why was a bank doing the offering? Why was it refused?
    Confident of the power of money the IMF came back with an offer x10 greater. That too was refused.
    The Prime Minister obviously realises the damage a shutdown would do to his country and was not prepared to accept God knows how much in order to compromise his principles.
    Since then the country has been a lot more on the news hasn't it? Do you think this is a coincidence?
    I wonder if our government was offered a similar financial incentive? I wonder how much? How much is the shutdown of our economy worth to certain parties, and why?

  5. I find it interesting that UnHerd aims to push back against what it terms herd mentality and LockdownTV seems to be trying to get the opinions of a range of experts but the comment section is regularly and almost exclusively full of comments from people with no expertise who seem to consistently have very similar strong opinions, a herd mentality of its own. Sad. I had hoped for something better.

  6. We have a Test-Pandemia ! The PCR-Test was never developed as a mass test. It is still only for clinic purpose. Its better to test with a anigen test proposed by Michael Mina….

  7. What a wonderful response from Alan Davidge…I was thinking the same. We seem to be reaching a time when we have to ask the question of whose life is more worthy of saving. Are we really saying that the lives of 80 and 90 yr olds with co morbidities are worth more than a young cancer sufferer, worth more than stroke victim, worth more than children's futures, worth more than every other human being on the planet? I know this comes across as hard hearted and callous but I speak as a 75 yr old cancer sufferer who has enjoyed my life and have had the advantages of a secure job and home ownership etc. I don't want the young to decimate their futures so that I can have a couple of extra years!

  8. The lockdowns don't work so they need to stop. All they are doing is ensuring the largest most powerful businesses thrive while everyone else gets wiped out. Unemployment and Homelessness will rise but maybe that was the plan all along. Desperate people are easy to control if you want to usher in an age of Global Totalinarism

  9. Surely the Incident Fatality rate is the same for March as it is today. For instance the number is said to be around 0.3%. The difference today is that we are seeing most the cases this time around compared to March where the daily incidents were probably in the region of 200k a day. As these figures were not published it looks like that rate was so much higher when in reality it was much lower. We have not hit those daily figures so you would expect the deaths to be much lower. That is not to say that there may be many less cases in this spike due to the other possibilities that you discussed here.

  10. Absolutely. Need to stop the 4 rituals which are harming more than helping. It will get worse if we continue to comply. Next, the technocrats will be targeting children. The masking of children will be increasing bacterial and fungal respiratory infections, which will make them more susceptible. This is on PURPOSE. WAKE UP.

  11. am virus free and disease free
    my cells are regenerating as my inner energy fields is expanding its expansion at an accelerated rate
    if medical science doesn't believe i will never ever have any health issue than this isn't my issue
    it is high time they need to update

    20 years back been to a 10 day vipassana session and on the 7th day at around 7-30 pm strolling around in an open playground meditating and in a trance state i started hearing this humming sound at the lower back of my brain (pineal gland)
    this is a never ending ever expanding solo journey where will this land have no idea
    this has relieved me from all illnesses and any or all types of diseases and freed me from any kind of stress that may have occurred due to any future medical issues though health isn't my core focus and this process of health updates continues
    have realized we are expanding energy beings
    next day/week/month/year this is just expanding and moving further towards dense subtler levels

    my family and others will realize this during this lifetime or maybe another life-cycle as and when this event manifests when their time arrives and majority will experience this when each individuals' right moment arrives

    yes my belly transforms into a furnace and my brain gets fully charged and this vibration in wavesz form is live and active even now whilst texting

    this implies my air-oxygen transforms into hydrogen and further to helium at deeper levels and sometimes much further into beaming plasma energy fields

    as regards submission of reports to any institutions doesn't arise as nobody has any idea or any previous knowledge of what am experiencing
    also have no faith in humans managing institutions

    the core issue is
    you need to be in tune with the presence of the moment and expanding further dissolving self with the moment
    neither be in the past future or present

    just posting for information purpose as this cannot be taught
    can share my experience only at best can give tips or send healing flow vibration fields

    my issue is will the medical experts force me into submission to have a vaccine if and when this vaccine gets mandated

    if this happens will go on an indefinite fast and i do believe in laws of nature and its infinite energy fields and we are free to create events in future time and space for the greater good as nobody has any monopoly over events occuring in coming time and space

  12. The biggest takeaway from the Covid “pandemic” is that around the entire planet, only one country had enough sense to “follow the science”. If this doesn’t scare the crap out of you…slap yourself.

  13. So China is said to be largely over it, and it's ruining economies everywhere else. Ruining perfectly healthy family lives and businesses everywhere else under some exaggerated threat. Thats great for China and business. So whatever or whoever created this monster, officials all over the world support its course to gain more control and assist in destroying ordinary people lives. What chop logic is this.

  14. From Los Angeles. The restrictions have nothing to do with our health. Our government officials are well aware that Covid19 doesn't pose a threat to us. What's going on right now is based purely on politics. The Covid19 information below is for the States from the CDC. But I'm sure it's much the same for other countries.

    This is why we have restrictions and need to wear masks/physical distancing … unbelievable!!

    Infection Fatality Ratio Updated on Sept. 10, '20

    0-19 yrs. .00003 = .003%

    20-49 yrs .002 = .2%

    50-69 yrs. .005 = .5%

    70+ yrs. . 054 = 5.4%

  15. In the past, when we were hunters, and even when most people were farmers, death was apparent. Now that most children think food magically comes from the grocery store, death has become an unfamiliar abstraction. It seems so many are unaware humans are animals, and animals always die of something.
    The cause of co-morbidities is simple, for the last 50,000 years we have been eating the wrong diet and we are paying the price for that.

  16. Handsome and well spoken guy. It's a casedemic not epidemic. Dah! more people are being test hence less death and gotta look at distributions of tests. Also hospital treatments are preventative now daya fewer on the ventilator.

  17. Bill Gates loves pandemics – There is money to be made from vaccinations that he so desperately wants to control. Then we have those who want to control the world's population – hence the horror propaganda that we have experienced, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries (USA, GB, Australia and New Zealand) ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  18. Bashing Sweden (Covid-19) • 19 aug. 2020 (Video on YouTube) … Watch it on:
    "Sweden demonstrated that lockdowns, masks and vaccinations are unnecessary, so there has been a concerted propaganda effort by totalitarians to bash and ignore Sweden's success. If the public understood the situation in Sweden, they would not put up with the tyranny from their own governments.

    Compare those affected by Covid19 throughout Sweden with New York City (roughly the same population) New York = 4000 deaths per 1 million citizens while in Sweden = 500 deaths per 1 million citizens and now 2020 08 30 deaths in Sweden are down to almost "0" ! Still, they have "Lock down" in New York and must use a face mask, which we thankfully avoid in Sweden. Vaccination leads to a weakened immune system according to many researchers.

  19. Excellent interview – I thoroughly enjoyed the perspective Prof Toussaint brought to the topic. I would be interested in finding out more about how Prof Toussaint is viewed by the mainstream media in France. Does he get heard? Talking about eminent scientists who are currently sidelined by mainstream media, please do also invite Prof Sucharit Bhakdi and his wife Prof Karina Reiss from Germany. They both speak excellent English and are the authors of the book 'Corona – False Alarm?' which rose to top of the German bestselling charts over summer and will be released in English on Oct 1.

  20. Physiology is the study of normal function within living creatures. I think it would have been good to speak with a virologist as well, because professor Toussaint has not quite captured the essence of this virus. First, SARS-CoV-2 is the name of the virus itself. If you have the virus you are said to be infected. If the infection leads to illness then you are said to have Covid-19. Asymptomatic people are infected but do not develop the Covid-19 illness. Nontheless, they are still infectious and can spread the virus to others who may become seriously ill. Pre-symptomatic people are infected, can spread the virus, and will go on to develop Covid-19 symptoms.

    But the worst omission here is lack of emphasis on the potential long-term effects of this virus, which are only beginning to emerge as sufficient time goes by. It is an extremely important point that hardly ever gets discussed. First, in his testimony to Congress on 23 Sept 2020, Dr. Fauci in the U.S. cited a recent study in which MRIs performed on a number of patients who had recovered from moderate to severe Covid-19 showed a lingering 60-70% incidence of inflammatory disease of the heart. These subjects were relatively asymptomatic with respect to the discovered inflammation. It's completely unknown at this point whether these conditions will completely clear up with no long-term effects, or whether the inflammation will cause scarring, which can lead to long-term problems with arrhythmia and/or cardiomyopathy.

    Second, after 2 years have passed it's likely that only half of the so-called "long haulers" who had developed sepsis as part of their Covid-19 illness (i.e., developed runaway inflammation caused by over stimulation of the immune system) will recover completely. One third will die. The remainder (17%) will continue suffering from the debilitating effects of what's now officially known as "Post Sepsis Syndrome" (PSS) These figures were determined by follow-up studies of patients who had developed sepsis from causes other than Covid-19. This disease is no joke! It's NOT like the flu. Be safe!

    The physical and psychological symptoms of PSS are listed at:

  21. I don't need a French pessimist to tell me we are human. I have Shakespeare for that. I already know that life is terrible.

    When we are born, we cry, that we are come
    To this great stage of fools.

    King Lear

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