May 8, 2021


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From the City to the Islands?! (Bangkok to Samui)

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Can you travel from the city of Bangkok to the island of Koh Samui these days? Yes you can, and we did! This video will show you what it’s like to travel with a …


39 thoughts on “From the City to the Islands?! (Bangkok to Samui)

  1. I like your vids Chris…. But your vids are just too short , 9 min?? 20 min would be great… Except LIVE chatt's… Wich are great 👍👍👍👍

  2. ทุกคนรบกวนช่วยกดติดตามให้พี่แกหน่อยครับ จะแสนซับแล้ว ถ้าแสนซับ ยูทูปจะให้โล่เงินเเสนซับ พี่เค้าจะได้มีกำลัวใจในการทำคลิปมากขึ้น 💕

  3. What was the big problem getting the case to airport ? Duct tape it to your Assistant Susan" and give her a decent head start ! Wait, did you fire her again ? LOL Take care.

  4. Yes, you look especially happy when you travel freely and that also makes us happy to see.
    Please make wishes that not only you but also we could get there and share that joy with you soon.

  5. My decision to visit keeps whip-sawing. If they remove quarantine for vaccinated people, I may be there for Christmas 2021 yet!!! I'd love to help the Samui economy…with a smile! (3 days to 100k Chris, congrats!!!)

  6. Here’s what’s in the big case:
    1) Baritone Saxophone. After a few gin cocktails, the Gin Club members get out their “axes” and warm up on a few blues tunes. Then they let it rip on some old-school funk, with Chris honking that bari sax on the bottom end.
    2) Snowboard. I don’t think there’s any snow in Thailand, unless Chris is heading to Korea or Japan to slide.

  7. I'm confused. I thought Don Mueang was the domestic airport.  So why are flights to Koh Samui out of Suvarnabhumi?  Also for a little historical reference, I went to Koh Samui from Bangkok in 1987.  No commercial airport in Koh Samui.  Taxi from hotel in Bangkok to train station.  Train from Bangkok to Surat Thai.  Ferry to Koh Samui.  An overnight trip.  Spent a week there in a beachside bungalow.  Total bill for a week's stay including lodging, bar tab, food, laundry was $130 US.  Those days are long gone.

  8. I flew from LA to Bangkok, then to Koh Samui in October of 2019, stayed there three weeks, then back to the US and the pandemic hit. So glad I took that trip before all hell broke out. Can't wait to go back when it ends.

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