32 thoughts on “Funny???”
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  2. Stay home..? Stay home?!?
    How do u have a home if u can’t work?
    Are they purposely trying to make people lose their rent? Their mortgages?
    Homelessness is more deadly than stupidity obviously

  3. Only Americans hold such fascination with movie stars…in the rest of the world we consider them hirelings, clowns that act for our amusement…but whatever…in a country willing to bash statues and obliterate history, help yourselves to self destruction!

  4. Finally, proof that Madonna cannot sing.
    One positive aspect of the Corona Wuhan Virus is showing the true collours of these fake celebrities.
    Specially the dye on Colbert's hair, and his deep wrinkles, ( his partner has to improve the make up skills to help him),not to mention his incompetence in using a mobile phone.
    Are we really expect to trust these loo-sers????

  5. The ad I got before this video was some lameass lib cartoon showing a white guy being let off the hook by police while the black guy is asked to step out. I'm so over this trash

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