April 20, 2021


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Gamestop, Wall Street and the Avocado Toast Revolution (SOB#452)

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34 thoughts on “Gamestop, Wall Street and the Avocado Toast Revolution (SOB#452)

  1. Does any one think that these hedge funds may actually be "for hire"? 
    I mean AMC and several Hollywood directors are now in HUUUGE battle with HBO because they want to bypass the theatres and go straight to streaming. This is the brouhaha with "DUNE" and many more soon to be released films. So it must be a coincidence that suddenly AMC is a target for these destructive hedge funds. Sounds very "Diary of an economic hitman" ….

    Which leads to the question who really benefits at the demise of these companies?

    Remember when the same players went after Tesla… just saying…

  2. hey you… Mr F word have it nailed…talk more at more places because we need to hear your perspective more.. (And this in no way is a derision of you other three.. you are all there)… regards Dave

  3. Underlying fundamentals of Gamestop may not have been all that great… it was going the way of Blockbuster… however even if it's for sentimental value – the little people rallied the stock (and good on them) just to give a middle finger to wall street. This is good shit.

  4. This situation is just another example of why people do not trust their institutional systems. This is why people are angry, no matter their perspective/angle/issue, the fundamental root problem across all the different expressions is that institutions are not fulfilling their social contract. People want fairness, they want more transparency, and they simply want a genuine chance to improve their life. The “game” is so rigged to support the few at the expense of the many and it has become so blatant and egregious for so long that people can’t ignore it any longer. This is why we need reform and dare I say in some cases a revolution in the areas of politics, education, finance, healthcare, and the environment. A new world and a new way is begging to take shape but we must keep up the fight to see it all the way through. Power to the People!!!

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