March 8, 2021


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Gaza Strip border crisis

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  1. I had lived in the Gaza Strip for almost a decade, I am out of it now – it took so many years to plan and accomplish such a tricky and dangerous escape, since – as you said – it is literally an open-air prison.

    Thank you for being so fair in describing what's happening there, and showing the "international loneliness" we feel, and how some countries are using us as a tool to boost their political popularity among their nations, not only the Arab nations, but even Israel and the US politicians are using Gaza for this same reason, as well. An example I can give, which I have lived several times, is that whenever there are elections in Israel, a war suddenly starts on Gaza for purely external reasons (i.e. not Hamas and no one actually threw any rockets on Israel).

    I am so thankful for how unbiased you are, not a lot of people can really understand the situation in Gaza in such a meta-perspective way, compared to almost all the media available that addressed Gaza in a very biased way for their own political goals.

    Much love and peace! <3

  2. Do you have any real evidence that Hamas is a corrupt organization? I don't think so. This Hamas is a corrupt organization is more of an Israeli narrative. Hamas' leaders are helpless just like the population in Gaza. Israel is slowly killing the Gaza people not Hamas.

  3. Overall a pretty accurate description, but some corrections are important. The most important one is that the declared purpose of the Hamas movement as specified in the Hamas Covenant is to use Jihad (as opposed to negotiated settlement) to return Palestine to Islamic control or Liberate Palestine. The purpose of the movement is not to improve living condition in Gaza, it is not even mentioned. Other factual omissions: Hamas took control over Gaza by force, killing more than 1500 Fatah people in the process. Hamas regularly shoots rockets over populated areas in Israel and during Zuk Eitan reached Tel Aviv. It is no wonder that Israelis are afraid of the attempt to cross the border. Looking at the antisemitic views in the Hamas Covenant, the dehumanizing of Israel and the Jews in Hamas schools (funded by UNRRA) and the violence applied by warring factions elsewhere in the middle east. Israelis are convinced that allowing people from Gaza to cross the border will bring about a massacre of Jews.
    The odd thing is that during the first year after the 67 war and the occupation of the territories, Jews from Israel went for shopping everywhere in Gaza and the west bank, much like they do now in Palestinians villages inside Israel where commercial or social relationship between Jews and Arabs are common place.

  4. A strip of land designated for a specific ethnic group with different religion and culture. The neglect and prejudice from the government that essentially created it result in horrid living conditions, famine and lack of basic human necessities. Trying to leave is met with deadly force. That reminds me of something…

  5. I was pleasantly surprised by how this video was able to show how two sided the issue is and how Hamas are responsible for a lot of the unrest in Gaza. Israel only blockades |Gaza because Gaza is a sovereign state that is at war with Israel and it is sensible for a state to blockade its enemy at war time.

  6. The Honorable


    President of the Egyptian Arab Republic

    Presidential Palace



    Attention: Most
    Holy Father Pope Francis

                  The Vatican

                  His Excellency
    Antonio Guterres

                  Secretary-General to
    United Nations

                  The Honorable
    Benjamin Netanyahu

                  Israeli Prime
    Distinguished Mahmoud Abbas

    Authority President


     My Dear President Fattah el-Sisi:
    According to the intent of the General
    Assembly to partition Palestine on 29 November 1947 conscience indicated
    TWO-STATE joining economically recognition which by unilateral pronouncement of
    the United States—despite strong opposition within government
    branches—President Harry Truman unilaterally declared support for the
    establishing of an autonomous Jewish state. Since the very beginning the seed
    of discord as clear intimation inciting hatred and division, waging war
    inevitably destined to forge Israelis and Palestinians fate.
    We bear witnessing to the Six Days War
    [Arab-Israeli War-1967] in addition to outlaw pattern in both—Israelis
    Palestinians—as consequence of the occupation and illegal enforcement
    originated in the obnoxious implementation of continuance of the Third Reich
    concentration camp policy. Auschwitz-Birkenau and Dachau, in spite
    non-permissible are extended through the Gaza Strip confinement backed by
    President Donald Trump as if faithfully patronizing the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler
    brutal assimilation pathology. Long-suffering of these people unjustified
    conscientious it does harm mankind conscience aware primitive actions
    infringing international law nulled. Greatly weakened international
    jurisprudence spirit sought to influence my Israeli friends to exercise their compassionate
    virtue—million wording—though like the Egyptian Pharaoh hardening heart,
    brotherhood extinguished. Hatred intravenously poisoning like intestinal
    cancer, the only rational and moral solution I believe, to solicit the Land of
    the Nile welcomes Gaza inhabitant out of humanity as priority, and through
    statutory governorship as legal basis.
    Mr. President, my proposal upon refusal to
    accept the above culpable acts as high-handed outrage could ever rule the
    jurist; diplomat or statement interaction: (1) Israel has demonstrated pursuing
    the Gaza strip inhabitant total annihilation a national policy;  (2) under your leadership the Egyptian Parliament could debate the issue of Gaza governorship appointed two-party mediator; (3) HAMAS leadership, Khaleh Mashal and Ismail Abdel Salam Ahmed Haniyeh, among others will discuss common agreement leading to their people referendum; (4) Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas understood the geographic impossibility to administer Gaza; (5) Gaza inhabitant entitled to decide over
    their land protectorate be Israel, Germany; Palestinian National Authority or
    Egypt; (6) Gazans inherent right to elect a governor without external
    imposition but conscience dictate. Adopted my humble postulate Palestinian-Egyptian
    united into new conclave enriching cultural bonds, exemplary annexation
    teaching the world time God illuminate conscience in Thee upon gifted political
    wisdom, and love for one another enabling to light the torch that will end
    secular bloodshed between Israelis and Palestinians.


    People’s WatchCivil Rights Activist
                                 I Hereby, 25th Day of July Year of Our Lord 2018

    In the
    City of Santiago, Dominican Republic

  7. Shirvan — how do you make peace with ppl who wish only to kill you? The problem is not Natanyahu being the PM, but the charter documents of Hamas which refuses to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. They even destroyed their own ppl's supplies at the checkpoint during the current unrest. They blew up the pipeline that brought in petrol.

    When the Israelis let Gaza, they left lush greenhouses full of potential for ongoing exports for the Arabs. What did the Arabs do? They would have none of it. They destroyed the "Jewish" greenhouses.

  8. There are no innocent actors if you focus only on the ruling elites such as Hamas and the Israeli state. But broadly speaking the Palestinian people are innocent. They've been occupied for half a century and their protests and resistance are completely understandable

  9. We too, the Israelis, are sorry and feel the pain of the residents of Gaza

    We also look forward to the day when the dark regime of Hamas will stop there and the basic aid of electricity and water, and all this will come to the residents of the Gaza Strip regularly The word 'massacre' is not right here and distorts reality

    Were there a small number of soldiers in the Israeli army who "enjoyed" shooting at Palestinians?

    Yes I'm sure!!! I also sure That they do not represent the entire population and are a small and stupid handful of citizens

    And that the Israeli army punishes and examines each case on its merits

    Israel uses force for the simple reason and that is because we know that it is not the poor citizens of Gaza we are fighting against but rather a terrorist organization called Hamas that gets fuel from Iran and tries to ignite the area and they are doin' it by any means – even by sending young children to the border and post a picture worldwide of a dead baby Who died of suffocation as a result of the Israeli attack (What has been found to be coarse lies by some reliable sources)

  10. Oh the disappointment…
    1. "Some of the casualties are militants" , hamas officials already stated that 90% of the dead are hamas members!!!! Thats not some thats almost ALL.
    2. Gaza is a jail – gaza has border with egypt which closed the border from the same reason israel did, its a terror state full of crazy sunni fuck heads.
    3. Israel has no responsibility over gaza, israel has a right to control its border and commit a military siege against radical islam. Period.

  11. How will this end?

    Hamas has offered a Hudna for 40 years. A Hudna is a sacred armistice, which no Muslim is allowed to break.

    The question is: Is the Israeli government able to accept a Hudna? After inciting the masses of their followers and filling them with mortal hatred against the people of Gaza in general and Hamas in particular, would it dare to agree?

    When the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip are choked, lacking medicines, lacking enough food, lacking pure water, lacking electricity, will our government not fall into the trap of illusion and believe that now Hamas will collapse?

    That will not happen, of course. As we sang in our youth: “No people withdraws from the trenches of their life!”

    As the Jews themselves proved for centuries, there is no limit to what a people can endure when its very existence is at stake.

    That’s what history tells us.


    My heart is with the people of Gaza.

    I desire to ask their forgiveness, in my name and in the name of Israel, my country.

    I am longing for the day when everything will change, the day when a wiser government will agree to a Hudna, open the border and let the people of Gaza return to the world.

    Now, too, I love Gaza, with the love that the Bible says is as strong as death.

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