October 26, 2021


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Geopolitical analysis for 2019: Middle East

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38 thoughts on “Geopolitical analysis for 2019: Middle East

  1. Money and power corrupt, and that’s the real power of sanctions combined with aids.
    Sanctions will damage the economic prosperity of the poor and aids will foster corruption, enrich the ruling class.
    Widening the prosperity between the rich and the poor, destabilizing the social fabric of the society.
    Maybe US thinks enough damage was done to Iran and it’s now the time to act.
    This trick can be applied to all developing nations, economic growth is a double edged sword.

  2. No other channel comes close to this in terms of unbiased educational value. I have learned so much watching Caspian Report all the while not feeling as if I am being led to the right or to the left. Thank you Shirvan and thank you everyone else who makes this amazing show possible.

  3. "US will have to rely on Israel against Iran". No, no, no.
    The US has to resist the overpowerful AIPAC lobby and refrain from starting another war, which would be detrimental to the US, very costly and unmotivated, only in the regional interests of Israel.

  4. The regional Powers of the region is Turkey, Egypt and Iran in that order, not Saudi Arabia. google "Globalfirepower Middle East". It looks like you know nothing about the region and probably think it's a continent. Google "Middle East" then learn its history and learn who are the true key players in the region, instead of getting your sources from News outlets.

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