April 22, 2021


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Geopolitics of Canada

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  1. Separatism is a pipe dream and empty threat thrown about by illegitimately aggrieved descendants of European settlers who have for too long dictated the country's policies. The demographics are rapidly changing, as is the direction of the focus of the country's economic interests. The acknowledgement of BC's Pacific orientation is case in point.

    While the U.S. will always be of great import – providing it remains united (and there is absolutely no guarantee of that)- a Canadian East/West orientation, enhanced by the pull of a more powerful Chinese and Eurasian economic/geopolitical pole will become ever more important, Entrenched settler colonial interests, with their attendant xenophobia, racism, and overall backwardness, which coalesce around "legacy" industries, such as oil and gas, will become more and more marginalized, as well as hysterical – just as they are becoming in the U.S.

  2. Wow. This video proved that I don't know a thing about the in's in Canada. I just saw them as a rich, cold country that is sparsely populated. Damn, I was proven wrong.

  3. Canada and the US have not been on good terms since 1815. You forget the Oregon Territory dispute, Abraham Lincoln's threat to invade, an invasion plan drawn up by the US in the 1930s, and numerous tariff wars waged right up to last year.

  4. The increasing accessibility of the Northwest Passage through the high Arctic is inevitably going to play a major role in Canadian politics as global warming continues to accelerate the viability of that route.

  5. OK bro let me start by saying that the rest of Canada is good with the French.
    they are an intricate part of our country and want to have them here with us… and they want to be here.
    Secondly you left out a quarter of the country the Atlantic provinces the Maritime provinces I know there’s not very many people live there but historically you think you would have mentioned them.
    And thirdly Canada doesn’t need America to legitimize our claim to the north it is our country we will fight for it to the death.
    It won’t be America making sure that it’s there for us to have.
    It’s ours all of it, there is nobody who could possibly come up with a legitimate reason to attack Canada.
    We are the”good guys” always have been, always will be.
    And an assault on Canada or it’s territorial integrity, and it will be seen by all civilized nations as an attack on there very own sovereignty.
    This includes the thawing Northwest passage, and the question of it not been a part of Canada’s internal waterways.
    Raised by the Americans.
    I will kill, you will know pain if you come up here and try to bully us like you do the rest of the world America.
    Don’t say you haven’t been warned.
    Good day

  6. not a bad entry level geography lesson – but the suggestion that people in one province have something against others is not true. Hey – we can live in any province we like.

  7. Canada's confederacy and local independence is its strength. It's like the Nordic countries but more United but very regionally independent with their own cultures so they can trade and migrate and share resources while still doing their own think and keeping their culture

  8. The real reason why most of the Canadian population lives along the Canada US border is this.
    Canada at the time when the border was created, incredibly worried about a U.S. invasion.
    The Canadian Pacific Railway is not that far north of the border.
    Canada purposely placed its citizens along the border fearing US invasion into Canada.
    Regarding Canada being a frozen wasteland, not able to sustain a large population, that is completely incorrect.
    Russia is comparable to Canada in geographic location and supports a very large population.
    Canada is extremely selective in regards to immigration
    Most people looking to immigrate choose the USA as their first choice.
    Canada is not the land of opportunity compared with the USA.
    Many new Canadian's are regretting their decisions on immigrating to Canada

  9. I saw in some video (sorry I can’t find it or remember if it was yours or not) about how the calendar in Ethiopia is like 7 years different than a lot of the rest of the worlds bc of some historical Christian/Jewish reason. It got me thinking that it would be really cool to see a video that breaks down what year we are living in currently in every part of the world where it varies. Love ur channel xx

  10. .Quebec takes in so many new immigrants now that came to live in Canada (Not Quebec) that a 3rd separatist vote will would never work. That ship has sailed.
    I see French as a 2nd language in Quebec in the near future.

  11. As a Canadian, I find this presentation overly pessimistic. I'm pretty sure this fellow has never been to Canada, but he wants to make a name for himself so he's overly dramatizing every possible downside he can think of.

  12. GREAT !!! An Interesting, Inspiring And Informative Visual Brief, Basically About The 'NORTH AMERICAN' Continent. Showing Fairly And Exactly The Geographic And Geopolitical Placement Of 'CANADA' Being Perhaps The Second Largest Country In The World. Narrating Well The Geological, Demographic And Geo Economic Facts, Features And Realities Of The Canadian State And System, Situated Beside The United States Of Americ, USA. At Present A Very Peaceful, Serene, Scenic, Tranquil And Progressive Social Welfare Country. Keeping An Enormous Geo Economic, Real Political, Geopolitical, Socio Cultural And Geostrategic Significance And Potenial Within Itself As A State, With A Dynamically And Vibrantly Growing Socio Political System Under The Well Established And Stable Constitutional Democracy Of British Origin. And, Also Being A Very Larger Geographic And Geopolitical Entity With Growingly Good Natural And Human Resources. WHILE, Working Politically As Well As Legally And Lawfully Under The 'Symbolic' Patronage Of The 'British Crown'. GOD IS THE GREATEST, ANYWAY! Thanks So Much For A Good Educative, Informative And Inspiring Video Clip On Canada. May God Bless You, Me And The All, With His Utmost Grace, Guidance, Mercy And Blessings. With Best Regards And Kind Wishes: SNR. (FFP). ….

  13. I was going to mention that provinces like P.E.I. and Nova Scotia should be included in the “livable” map of Canada but I see others have chimed in with interesting opinions and points.

    I always put Canada in the same boat as Australia though within Oceania Australia is the major power similar to South Africa in Southern Africa. Canada is clearly the junior partner compared to the U.S., which is huge. The whole population of Canada is about the size of California’s. That’s crazy. When you consider that California’s GDP (in USD) is much larger than Canada (only four nations are larger), it puts the Canadian place in the world in perspective.

  14. Alberta separatism is a minority. Most Albertans, including the ruling UCP party, do not support Alberta separatism. Also, most of Alberta is boreal forest, NOT prairie. Only the southern portion east of the rockies is prairie.

  15. The oil industry in western Canada has started to decline in the last 5 to 10 years and it will contine it's decline as the world moves away from fossil fuels. GENERAL Motors anounced that by 2035 it will not be producing cars that use fossil fuel and you can bet the rest of the car manufacturers will follow. This just 1 industry doing this. In Europe they produce more power from renewable resources that fossil fuels. This means the the inigration to the Prairie Provinces is slowing down and will eventually dry up as the jobs disappear. Unless the governments diverse the economies here and stop throwing money away by the oil tanked load these provinces will be in economic trouble. Albrta now needs transfer payments from the feds .to help it survive and this will not change unless we get our act together.

  16. Idk wtf you saying, but every Canadian only hates one thing. The Quebec. Also Canada was never a country but a Confederacy of 10 Provinces and 3 Territories

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