May 8, 2021


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Geopolitics of Israel

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43 thoughts on “Geopolitics of Israel

  1. I knew Shirvan would do an excellent job on this before I opened the video, but it's refreshing to see a truly unbiased view on this.
    Even as a Zionist I cringe whenever I hear Hasbara trying to paint us in the best light possible.
    "It's not fair, but it's just the reality on the ground." is perhaps the fairest and best explanation I've heard about the situation.

  2. Dr. Ahmadinejad protests against the genocide of the Uyghur people in China's Xinjiang province and the silence of the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran

    In a meeting with a group of students, Dr. Ahmadinejad protested against the genocide of the Uyghur people in China and said:

    Genocide is the ugliest thing a person can do. Now in the heart of Asia, because of their power, they are committing genocide in the Uyghurs. They cut off women and children and bring disasters on them to cut off their generation. Man is ashamed to repeat these things.

    They opened their hands, each person is a world. By what right do you want to cut off their generation? What right are you violating? What right do you have to be poisoned?

    Do not think that because they are Muslims I am defending, they are human. The debate is a human debate. I wonder from our country why they are silent. We, who claim to be Muslims, claim to fight against oppression and arrogance. What has been received in return for this silence !? They are committing oppression and crime in this way, and here everyone is silent. Why don't you warn and protest? It does not matter where in the world it is. What is the relationship !?

  3. It takes guts and vision to survive in such a hostile environment. Israel not only has survived, but has thrived. I have nothing but admiration.

  4. You said Israel needs to improve its relationship with Iran. Wouldn’t that counteract the normalization in the relationship with Saudi Arabia? The one you talked about in your other video about this region?

  5. People used to think this way about Israel – now all they associate with Istael is repression and ugliness. Israeli right wing has squandered the world's good will. It's a shame, actually. But the way theyve treated the Palestinians is a shame too.
    And, No – I do not support the "Right to Return" – actions have consequences. I dont know what the answer is – I wish I did.

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  7. 5 times Israel has been attacked, and they could have kicked out all the Arabs who were unwilling to take Israeli citizenship, but they didn't. How many times would any other country allow an enemy to attack them without risking annihilation or removal? Why is Israel held to such a high standard when nobody else is?

  8. Completely biased video justifying Israel’s horrific occupation and systemic human rights abuses against Palestinians. Israel is an illegal and brutal occupation and built on the genocide and mass expulsions of the native population

  9. "Israel" was born in the same manner as the General Government was midwife by Nazis. also, Gaza is NOT "the home of the Palestinians," the nation of Palestine is. and stop with the midrolls adds.

  10. Israel shouldn't have been created in the first place. It fostered hatred between Arabs and Jews, as well as between Arabs and the West. Of course Israel is "besieged" by its neighbours. It stole the land from them.
    Free Palestine from Italy 🇮🇹🇵🇸 and peace to the Middle East ☮️

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