May 8, 2021


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Geopolitics of Southeast Asia, Part 1: Indochina

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30 thoughts on “Geopolitics of Southeast Asia, Part 1: Indochina

  1. A Relatively More Relevant, Informative And Well Narrated Shor Visual Report On The Indo China Sun Region's Geo Politics With A Brief Relevant Backdrop Of Its Turbulent History. Rather More Realistically Educative Also, In Its Nature And Content. Very Nice To Observe, With So Many Thanks To Share. May God Bless Us With Knowledge And Guidance, For Peace, Harmony, Security And Prosperity. With Thanks And Regards. SNR. (FFP). …

  2. Thai ancestor watching from the sky be like : Hah! See, Somchai?! I told you that migrated from Southern China to this spot is good! Perfectly middle! Our nephews are doing great job

    Vietnamese ancestor : Phuck! Nguyen! Why the hell is this happened? You told me this spot is good! What the phuck are those westerner doing in our spot!?

  3. Bro please add correct map for references. Initially you've picked up something where Arunachal Pradesh was highlighted differently. China claims everything on the basis of past. If we could begin to do the same, Imagine there would be whole Pakistan, B'desh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma under highlights. Try not to get arrested under Chinese propaganda.

  4. (Fakta) Malaysia Semenanjung adlh sebagian (INDOCHINA) dalam B.Melayu mgkin (CINAINDON) manalahh aku tahu bongok!!!.. Manakala Malaysia Borneo, Filipina,Brunei,Indonesia,Palau,Papua NG dan Timor L adalah (MALAY ARCHIPELAGO) dlm B.Melayu adlah (KEPULAUAN MELAYU) Tk mengaku Melayu pun takpe apa lahh….

  5. Bangkok= Bah-ng K-aw-k (the last part should sound like the word aw, and you should level the sound at the end instead of drop it low)
    Phnom Penh= Pa-nom Pinch (but you have to end the spelling like 80% early before you finish pronouncing the "ch" sound at the end)
    Vientiane = V-ear-ng Jah-aN (have to say fast instead of with breaks and emphasis of letter N at the end)
    Hanoi = im not too familiar with Vietnamese pronunciation, but i think it should sound like this "Ha-naw-yh"
    Not perfect pronunciation but definitely better than Western pronunciations, I hope hehe

  6. This is a ridiculous video. Vietnam is not divided by any cultural divide. The cultural difference between North and South are minuscule. And nowadays Vietnam has Danang, which is a city in the central region which will be a rival to HCMC and Hanoi in the next few years

  7. Thailand and laos are probably two most important countries in indochina. First, Thailand has ability to shorten the marine trafic from indian ocean to gulf of thailand. This shortened trafic will benefit Vietnam, myanmar and Philippine. The second important country is Laos. Laos although landlocked can connect 5 countries toghether. Its central position can create great benefit for banking snd trading.

  8. LAOS PRONUNCIATION – (2 ways) There is a correct time to not pronounce the final "s" in Laos: when referring to the language or something pertaining to Laos, even a person. Drop the final "s" in these instances: "Lao" can be used as an interchangeable word for "Laotian" — a person from Laos. The official language of Laos is known as Lao.Jan 1, 2019

  9. The Mekong is not that important as a trade corridor (it may once have been, as was the Ayeyarwady,), it is not navigable by large vessels in the upper reaches – perhaps lower down past the Siphadone. Road and rail are much more important. Why the Mekong is important is 1) the Delta; 2) the fisheries; which are both being dramatically influences by 3) hydropower. I think you missed a trick not mentioning the HP being developed in the basin – one of the most geo-politically fraught issues for the countries of the region. Dams in PRC and Lao PDR threaten the fishery and the delta….quiet a lot has been written about this, surprised you missed it.

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