July 24, 2021


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German Lawyer Sues The World Over Coronavirus

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33 thoughts on “German Lawyer Sues The World Over Coronavirus

  1. Do you remember in the beginning?…when we saw videos of the Chinese dropping dead in the streets?…..that was surely the ruse that got it all started. China's pandemic has since gone. Did we see people dropping dead in our streets?….no. We saw a psychological attack perpetrated by our governments and our politicians. An attack that forced us to believe there was a real pandemic. To this day you are deemed dangerous and crazy to even insinuate that this is a fraud. I support Reiner Fuellmich.

  2. There were only a few lawyers in Canada even willing to contemplate Charter challenges based on freedom of assembly or to go after the Provincial governments based on gross negligence this past summer, and only one tried anything, and I believe the case has gone nowhere. The problem is delay and whether you can ever get an actual independent court in such a PC environment. The political and media climate is extremely oppressive in Canada, and I backed off as I am a sole practitioner and could not find anyone with the guts to go up against the establishment just for a simple Charter challenge. The penalty in costs for suing your government is a scary thing for a small business, and Churches do not want to lose their charitable status. As for physicians and people not getting proper care, same fear problem. This is obviously the biggest scam ever and in my view based on all the evidence I have reviewed, it is simply a pretext for rolling out all of the UN Agenda 21 – WEF Resets, which makes the opposition even more formidable.

    Harder to prove, but this is most certainly a "Plandemic" and my sources tell me it has been in the works for at least 10 years timed to bring our systems to a stop for the techno, economic, resource use, and financial resets. The World Economic Forum headed up by Klaus Schwab announced on June 3 this was not just the launching of the Great Reset, but the so-called "New World Order" for a new "greener, smarter and greener". The new normal for this NWO is clearly to be a totalitarian one and it will most obviously be ruled by deception and fear, as seen with the Covid scam. I said last March that the only group which could pull off such a massive fraud across the entire planet like this is the international banking cartel, the same cartel which mainly controls the UN and backs and controls the IMF and World Bank. The Reset ends and the entire scam is much bigger and more powerful than Gates, Microsoft, and the multinational pharmaceuticals. Everything is top-down in the money-chain-of-command running world finances and our governments. There is no political party, politician with any influence, leading organization, corporation, church, or society objecting. It is like the entire nation is made up of zombies. There is no organized opposition and we are to expect a judge to listen to the facts and rule according to what is true?

    These two international banks tried to bribe Lukashenko of Belarus this past summer trying to force him to impose on his people the Covid restrictions. He refused and exposed the corrupt banksters. The IMF appears as the UN bank of nations but it is controlled and is the central part of what John Perkins in his great book "New Confessions of an Economic Hitman" calls the "corporatocracy" (made up of the banking cartel, our governments, and the major corporations). Coincidentally, it is the same corporatocracy which makes up the World Economic Forum. They took over more than half of the resources of the third world by deception, fear, fraud, bribery, intimidation and violence and they are using the same means to take over us. Our top-down, fake-democracy, puppet governments and leaders love it, because the techno Reset controls will give them immense powers over us. The IMF is now is everywhere inducing governments with fiat to impose the restrictions. Putting our hopes in the courts for any kind of restitution is far fetched as this establishment we are dealing with is so big and pervasive, they will delay things for 10 years at least and until people give up. What we have to do is protect the people now. The Danes were successful the other day with a huge rally with pots and pans clamoring against a new draconian law to force vaccinations on them. The next day their government backed off their measures and now Danes are free to do what they want. My advice is to get huge crowds and to make a clamor and show real opposition. If you are going to use the courts then forget the money for now and try to get parties to sue for injunctive relief based on constitutional breaches and fundamental rights and especially from any forced vaccinations or pressures on them. A good way to get into court is to be arrested in massive protests and to have continuing protests. That forces the courts and the corrupt media to recognize there is an opposition. It is also the best way to start new political organizations to take back control of your nations, made up of real people with guts. .

  3. Who is the defendant(s) in this case? Sounds like a sting operation is needed first. From this interview, all I can envision happening in the future is a Public Enquiry, a Senate hearing, or something equally as useless.

  4. Almost the same thing that happened to the woman put into a mental institution happened to Judy Mekovitz here in the U.S. but she was put in jail. And she is an awesome virologist that has tried warn us about the vaccines and she said the pandemic is no worse that the flu.

  5. These demonic Demons need “loosh” from us. They gain strength from negative emotions and thoughts. Look up the Horoc. Think Clinton/ Obama. This is a huge satanic club. They love the misery of humanity and desire population control. They are fighting Trump and America hard right now. We are the only country standing in their way. Look how much fraud in our election. These Demons know we are sheep. Stand up! The Media are liars.

  6. Can introduce to Molecular studies team that will crush the fake pandemic policies…. Use the molecular archive at torrey pines institute for molecular studies to find the actual antigen inspiring immune response…

  7. "No worse than the flu". Complete nonsense. The mortality rate is higher (not a ton), the severity is greater for most people, and most importantly, it is novel so it spreads like wildfire. Without any existing herd immunity it would overwhelm our hospitals as it is starting to do in certain parts of the country right now.

  8. Fauci, Gates, Globalists and lead Democrats need to be tried and imprisoned for world crimes, murder of innocent people, and trying to overthrow the government, crimes against humanity. !!!!

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