September 17, 2021


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Get Attractive Tight Stomach Fast (No Sit-Ups) with the "Triple Threat" Standing Abdominal Drill

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45 thoughts on “Get Attractive Tight Stomach Fast (No Sit-Ups) with the "Triple Threat" Standing Abdominal Drill

  1. I really appreciate the emphasis on keeping the core muscles pulled in. I Need to do that; my back is on its last legs, I think, if I don’t attend to these. And diet: that is really the hardest part for me. Your other videos are helpful with that. There’re plenty of other sources out here too, but recently I’ve been enjoying you two. You’re a great team and I thank you so, so much. Will try to buy some of your products when I can. You guys are great, wishing you all good things.

  2. Dunno if I’ll be able to hook up all those wall anchors and such. I can put my exercise bands around a table leg or doorknob, but not up high. But I can do it in our building fitness center, I think. Or a regular gym. These are Wonderful exercises, though. And as always, I’m left with a smile on my face after watching y’all.

  3. Hey guys thanks so much. Question .. how do the wall anchors work? Could t be glue. They must be bolted in I guess. So on concrete walls they wouldn't work?

  4. I find this a great idea! I am a busted up old Paratrooper and Green Beret . I have metal knees, a plate from my neck to the center of my shoulder blades and screws in my Right Shoulder. ( 4 operations on it trying to save it. It has fallen 3 inches from its normal position or level with the other sides shoulder)
    Can you recommend exercise (s) that can help me to strengthen the muscles i have left and how to get rid of the “ mans breast that I have now? I also have developed a lower belly from my waist and down to my pelvic area, from 10 years of being in wheelchairs, can you please help me loose it.
    I am 73 years old.
    I started watching you guys 4 weeks ago and have been wanting working on the rubber bands over the door when my surgeon gives me the ok.
    I live in the Philippines, so if I purchase some of the items you are recommending, do you sent overseas to the Philippines?
    Love the show guys!!!!!!🇺🇸👍😎💪🦵🦶🦻🏼🫁🎅

  5. These exercises look great. If they are as good as the other stomach exercises you'll be on to a winner. I'm going to ask for some bands for a birthday present next month. I'll let you know how I get on with them. Cheers Bob & Brad.

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