June 14, 2021


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Giuliani Drops BOMBS About Voter Fraud That We’ve All Been Waiting for at Press Conference

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46 thoughts on “Giuliani Drops BOMBS About Voter Fraud That We’ve All Been Waiting for at Press Conference

  1. yeah this makes no sense. If the voters could redo their ballots in Pitt and Philly, why couldn't they be redone in more conservative areas? Doesn't the blame then fall more on the Republican officials running those voting districts? how is that fraud on the Democrat's side? He just rambles about voter fraud, but I still didn't see any proof of his allegations.

  2. Too bad u can’t take it the military court I don’t see why not would that b a better court mayb I don’t kno it’s so muchcurruption how is this supposed to work the stupid media says lies everyone believes…
    But wen u compile evidence n hav real evidence it it’s harder to hear makes no sense why don’t they hv a pathway that is well known to go to the road to Supreme Court that is for important issues there has to b a better suggested path for this why don’t they help out u kno the ones who knows why don’t they provide to uncover the road to the Supreme Court instead of the ones who know the right path why do they just sit ther and not try to help show where to work unless they were the ones who shown those crooks how to make the fraud work
    Is it really a court judge allowing that corruption work over the facts of what was revealed

    Theses judges are so worthless if they don’t want to step in n help to lead the way to supreme courts for u guys u guys r doin a great job !! A really good job!!

  3. We should have a new election. Allowing only the military, working people, retirees, stay at home parent, and the truly disabled to vote because its the working class that's getting shafted.

  4. There's always been some corruption on elections, it's just always been small. This is not much different. The result is still the same, the only difference is that this year a lot more people voted by mail.

  5. Holding up piece of paper pushing the narrative that this "COULD HAVE HAPPENED"?….There is a difference between what actually happened and what could have happened!

    Its funny that they resort to these conspiracies and narratives to justify the clear fact that Trump lost by a very big margin.

  6. We should be sending messages to these fact checkers everytime we see it. We are allowed to give feedback messages, lets send messages about how they can't censor the truth.

  7. He did not provide a single piece of evidence at all. None. Just speculation. No statistics, no material nothing. You trump fanatics are going to destroy your own democracy because of your inability to accept the outcome of the election.

  8. LMAO! So, 34 out of 35 court cases have been thrown out. The lanky lawyer Sidney, who Trump said was part of his crack (cocaine?) legal team, has made dangerous and unfounded claims of outside 'interference' in the election – one where she claimed the software was 'done' in Venezuela under the direction of Hugo Chavez! (he died over 8 years ago!!) – but now the Trump camping is "distancing" themselves from her claiming she is an independent lawyer. Also, Kayleigh 'McFanny' stating … "Let us not forget the inexcusable transition or lack thereof that President Trump had to endure in 2016 and for years into his presidency". But, Trump had quite the opposite to say about that transition. I think all Americans need to wake up and realise what a bunch of fools you are looking to the rest of the world!!

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