February 25, 2021


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Glenn Beck Doesn't Trust Many People in MSM, but Megyn Kelly is One

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38 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Doesn't Trust Many People in MSM, but Megyn Kelly is One

  1. She is a never Trumper in disguise…you can easily tell by the way she speaks…what are you talking about? we all KNOW that Trump won. So silly, can't waste my time listening to her.

  2. What I want to know is why she called on President Trump to concede when it's so obvious of how much fraud was committed in the polls. I will never watch her.

  3. Glenn…you are a gullible idiot if you trust this woman. You should really educate yourself on what your audience really thinks of her. She will not be accepted in ALT-media; stop trying to push her.

  4. Up until Wednesday, I used to believe Katie Hopkins when she said that the USA should learn from the uk. But the facts are it’s the uk that should learn from the USA. In Trump you had a patriotic president who put America and Americans first. Yet millions of so called Americans have voted for Communism, for job cuts, for tax rises, for the Green New Deal, for packing the Supreme Court, for a loss of constitutional rights. That’s America 2020 after 4 years of a successful and patriotic President. Yet the uk on 2 occasions when faced with a rabid far left Labour Party in Michael Foot and Jeremy Corbyn have totally and fully rejected them, Voting in the Conservatives . It’s not America that should learn from the UK, as this result shows America is already Lost, it’s the UK that should learn this harsh lesson. Boris I hope you are watching this carefully.

  5. It's not whats between the ears. You respect what's between the chicken legs.
    How can anyone trust Megan after the 2016 debate. FOX has proven itself to be a corporate shill since 2016. Is she purely motivated by ambition?

  6. The people who say they are voting Trump, did not do it they still voted democrat. 66 million stupid fools in the USA voted Biden. I can not believe they are so gullible to believe the MSM. People hate Trump but they actually hurt themselves. Now live with it.

  7. I realize it is Alex Jones, but she lied straight to his face and burned him. Never trust a liar. Pretty doesn't cut it, we need people with integrity. She has none!

  8. Exactly! You hit the nail on the head Glenn. Visually EVERYONE saw whether you are democrat or Republican the masses of people that supported Trump and the trickle of people that supported Biden including with his pandering of Lady Gaga, Cher, they couldn’t even get 1/10th of what Trump had. I find it very suspicious of all these Biden votes. It does not make sense in the least little bit. Let the cheating begin!

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  10. If Trump loses I will blame the MSM totally for their hate and on going deceit as well as refusal to report on the good things he has accomplished, for all these years. If that is where most people get news that’s what they believe. Remember that thing written long ago? Oh yes. Thou shalt not bear false witness.

  11. America is weak and cowards. People who don't like Trump personality are the problem. They are leftist but conservative financially. They are the enemy. We need more people to be like Trump.

  12. Trump is not a politician , he doesnt tell lies like they do , he says what's in his head at the time , that is his persona , his policies are all you need to know ?

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