April 10, 2021


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Glenn Beck: Your Money is Losing Value FAST!

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31 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Your Money is Losing Value FAST!

  1. Inflation is the unlawful tax on the American people, with an entity that pretends to be a part of the federal government (but is a private entity) issuing our money unchecked and loaning us our own money at interest.

  2. I read somewhere that if the feds had to print all the money for the virus stimulus package, it would take the rest of the year and take every tree in the country.

  3. Soon there will be none. Years ago, I had a savings account with BANK OF AMERICA and they used every penny for "monthly service charges". They stole the money I trusted them with. They are a government tyrant of their own. Banks slit their own throats, yet again.

  4. 10% loss so far. Fast would be a bit more than that. Also, inflation effects at the domestic level takes time to show up. But, when you import, it is right away.

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