February 26, 2021


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Global Nightmare: Staying Sane During the Madness

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28 thoughts on “Global Nightmare: Staying Sane During the Madness

  1. Thank you for your updates I have read your excellent books on the EU and they were spot on as is your analysis of this hoax of a pandemic. Sadly I think it has got to the point it is unlikely we can avert what is coming biblical prophecy confirms that we will go through the greatest tribulation since the foundation of the earth.

  2. the UN and its agenda was revealed in the bible a LONGTIME ago read revelation the mark of the beast backed up by the same religions that backed Hitler's agenda

  3. MY deal would be – we all wear masks for the next two weeks. If the virus is still around then f**k it. Masks will be shown to be a waste of time. If the fake virus has gone – than job done. Either way. Masks will be for 2 weeks max.

  4. When you talk about the One world Order which as we all know is written underneath the freemasonic pyramid on the dollar, my Judo-Christian part of me automatically thinks that this new religion and one world currency HAS to go with the antichrist. OMG Scary times

  5. With all due respect b cos I agree about the multitudes. But I have an 84 yr old mother, who is very frightened and frail. She just can't handle the truth unfortunately, she just dosent want to know! So what do I do as a son?

  6. First thing to do is PRAY to GOD. Everything that is being done it in the Word of God, setting up a one world government for the antichrist who will come. 2 Thess chapter 2. God warned us of all of this. PRAY.

  7. I know it is a very scary and very unjust to humanity. But the funny part is, there is way more of us than them. We can pray, but Moses didn’t just pray, he acted. We need to do more for ourselves if we expect help from above. I can pray, but if only one acts, they are disappeared, or their families are. So how many does it take, how long til then?

  8. The Children of the future will become Cyborgs ask Prince Charles he will tell you about Cyborgs do will The giant Corporation MIT also ask Prince Andrew he knows what's going on to build the Nazi super soldier and children are being kidnapped for experiments on the Elites islands like the Jeffery Epstein secret companies the Elites are investing the money in ?????????????????????

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