April 10, 2021


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Global race for AI superiority

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38 thoughts on “Global race for AI superiority

  1. Friends, no matter how powerful artificial intelligence is, it remains an imitation machine with all the algorithms and potentials. When we lift heavy loads with a crane, we carry heavy loads with ships, trains, trucks, do they surpass man? It's the same with supercomputers. How the artificial intelligence will manifest itself in the computer, the production robot, the human robot or a military machine depends on the qualities invested by the operator who programmed the machine. If humanity still lives with military ambitions, for production or is morally corrupt, the actions of artificial intelligence will also depend, but it will forever remain a machine without heart, mind, will, soul and spirit. Those who want to make man an addition to artificial intelligence would be the same to turn man into an animal. If I am wrong in the statement, write comments
    When technology precedes moral principles, there is an abuse of knowledge, power, and then comes the crisis of natural evolution, which can end with the liquidation of the arrogant civilization. So we humans need to be aware of where we are going: down to the abyss or the difficult path of humanism and respect for the life of every living being (including man) and in harmony with a reasonable program of development. Everything that is given to man is a gift from the Great Architect of the Universe, and when someone says it is mine, he can soon learn his lesson through falling and suffering.As each cell or organ performs its service to the whole organism, so each of us is a part of the Cosmic Man to whom we must contribute. Otherwise, if each of us is not interested in other people, this will happen to him, as happens when the leaf falls off the tree.

  2. AGI could crash the world economy. If it is able to do most jobs better and cheaper, the workforce will lose jobs, and therefore spending money. With few consumers, what is the point in producing? Sure, UBI is a solution

  3. Sorry. He talked a lot but didn’t seem to say much. Vague.
    Even seemed just a tad bit withdrawn and evasive as well.

    Shirvan is more candid, more matter of fact, more precise on the point info.
    More useful info.

  4. Shirvan – you may already know about this – a 2016 documentary called "Zero Days" gets very deep into the complex area of cyber warfare. The full documentary is posted to Youtube.

  5. AI should be use to unite humanity not devide, .. to support peace not wars that potentially destroy a specie..AI are made to bring prosperity for humanity not exploit our specie frame of mind for fragmented sovereign economy gain..AI are made for freedom of learning not control and limited freedom of information.

  6. Actually, there are more AI related papers published every year in the European Union than in the US or China. The problem is, of course, that they lack political cohesion.

  7. China has never been short on R&D spending, but there's evidence that government grants have a negative effect on innovation efficiency (Outputs/Inputs). The qualitative assessment would not necessarily make China's fast development in AI "better". China is definitely a major AI power.

  8. im looking forward to AI. it will be wonderful to have a conversation with an intelligent being for once. though to be honest i feel my limited form of communication will annoy the AI … the ability of an AI to compute annoyance would be a remarkable achievement.

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