May 8, 2021


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GLOBAL Shutdown! – CRASH Is WORSE Than The Great Depression! – MILLIONS Of Jobs GONE

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23 thoughts on “GLOBAL Shutdown! – CRASH Is WORSE Than The Great Depression! – MILLIONS Of Jobs GONE

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  2. Call me paranoid but I have a bad feeling about all this. I think the gov't is setting up something really fucked. Life as we knew it will never be the same unless we all step up together.

  3. The FED and ECB are smoking crack ITS ALL GOING TO ZERO ! no matter how much they print or call it QE is going to zero just like all the other ponzi schemes called gov and tax ! Buy Bitcoin Ethereum physical Gold and silver stay indoors squash the curve ! grow some food and chill :0)

  4. Nah, the story about the virus being created in a lab was debunked weeks ago. No, we know exactly where it came from, South China exotic mammal markets. Why would you have to construct a conspiracy theory when the source has been well known since the 2003 SARS outbreak, from South China. Then it was covered up by the Chinese Government.

  5. the economy falling had nothing to do with what you were saying all along you can't claim credit for something you didn't predict happening even a broken clock is right twice a day you keep saying crash crash crash crash over and over again

  6. I'm in Monterrey with fiber optic internet that is way better and more stable than anything I had in the U.S. Also: he did not witness a bank run, banks are simply having their usual line of customers stand outside rather than all be inside.

  7. Damn Josh, you look about 15 when you shave bro. Lol. Good videos man. I can kind of see why some of your viewers are disturbed that you moved from ground zero. They see leaders like front line warriors, you have to be with them to be their captain. Just saying bro. I do think most Americans, including myself are a bit spoiled compared to others in the Earth, however self accountability and self honesty will inevitably evolve us into something wonderful.

  8. Todays truthful message:

    The scenario we are under is a MIND CONTROL PROGRAM.

    Everybody please mind – those behind the scenes know the essential truth.
    It is us, we the consciousness, who make up reality – yes, all the "hard stuff" around us, including our body, is created by us.

    When we left source (consciousness), in order to experience for the source, we have been given FREE WILL and the godly power of CREATION.

    Please free your mind, soul and heart – let the ONE LOVE flow and do not give in to the satanists and their manipulations.


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