October 17, 2021


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Gold & Silver Smashed – Where To From Here? Mike Maloney & Adam Taggart

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21 thoughts on “Gold & Silver Smashed – Where To From Here? Mike Maloney & Adam Taggart

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  2. We have to stop comparing the price of gold to a failing currency. Especially hoping our ounces will be worth more later in the same failing currency. We have to start measuring it’s worth by ounces owned. So yes, gold going down in terms of fiat is a good thing.

  3. The difference between buying and selling prices of physical gold and silver must not be so high , such that American people can easily buy and sell. In Turkey if you buy a kilo of gold , you can sell back 100 $ less . I think also Americans are prohibited to keep gold many years , this also make them precautious about gold. I think the time has come. The value can go up to 5 6 times in a short time. Get prepared . Since the inflation is 5.7% and interest is 0.5% . Nobody can stand to lose 5% every year. Or you will lose 40% in Stock Exchange baloon.

  4. Hate to say it. Been in this market for nearly 12 years. Its been lackluster but yes theres been gains. However, 6 years of sideways price action after a dip from all time highs. Every other market outperformed. Thank goodness ive invested in real estate, equities, and crypto also. I love the idea of hedging against a financial crisis that everyones been screaming and expecting now for well over a decade. In the meantime im here to make gains and make money also. I have a great position in gold and silver but do not believe it should be your only holding thinking it will financially save you if the economical world ends. Truth is some of you missed out in great gains in equities, crypto, and real estate waiting for a boom in precious metals these last several years. Been listening to Mike for over a decade but he’s literally been saying precious metals are and the verge of exploding soon forever now. I fear theres just some things that have been overlooked with his analysis although im still long term bullish.

  5. Covid-1984 is being used specifically to create a Western, totalitarian nightmare. The greatest imperative for our oligarch maggot rulers is to protect and grow their power and wealth. They cannot do that with a currency system that has been completely abused by them since the complete end of the gold standard in 1971. 2008 was the debt bomb currency system keeling over. QE was the bandage used by Central banks to keep their corrupt private bank and big Corp buddies in perpetual wealth. The massive public bailouts were never enough. All they achieved was making millions in the West ever poorer.

    Covid-1984 will end with the West being run like China. It is already happening. Look at the endless government Covid-1984 rules and restrictions. Central banks can't wait for us all to be injected, micro chipped, slave zombies who are plugged into the banksters new Ponzi scheme, central bank Crypto currencies.

    I have huge respect for Maloney's vast knowledge in terms of what constitutes real as opposed to fake money. However he has completely ignored where Covid-1984 is taking us. I think this is because he is scared of having his YouTube channel cancelled.

    I agree that at some point gold probably will be revalued and when it is Western governments will also ban the public from owning it. They probably won't ever ban silver because it is such a tiny market so they have been able to easily whack it down for decades now.

    There is no honest price discovery in anything once monetary systems turn into Ponzi schemes. When central banks can create trillions at will that is a Ponzi scheme, by which only the 1% gain obscene wealth at the expense of everyone else.

    Unless more Western citizens come to understand that our dying fiat currencies are directly related to the Covid-1984/Green agenda and refuse to play along, then welcome to Orwell's nightmare.

    Every so called democratic nation is now taken hostage by their so called elected governments who have been bought out, along with all MSM, by a few psychotic oligarchs who literally think they own the world and it is time to get rid of most of us.

  6. buy and hold rocks thier value will increase some day trust me i sell rocks all day and you sould buy my rocks before someone corners the market when the price goes down buy more rocks and hold cause really some day you will be rock rich and i will keep taking your worthless paper cause i am a nice guy – Mike M.

  7. The "Entity" that dumped $4 billion in gold is unknown. Strange, but some "Entity" is always able to dump a lot of gold, and has been able to do so for years, and always in quantities larger than anyone noticed that entity accumulating as the price went up. Has anyone ever asked whether or not that entity might actually be the same one that's printing all the new money? Mike Maloney has a piece saying the Fed owns and has access to the Treasury's gold. What better way to confirm your thesis, or at least hide it's falsehood, than to access the largest pot of gold on earth (the U.S. Treasury's) and sell it in the open market. If the buyer scooping up that gold, by offloading treasuries, is doing so at $1,700/T oz. is China, then they're making a great long-term buy, while the social engineers at the Fed, because they're too narcissistic to admit they've made an enormous miscalculation, are draining their nation's real wealth in the process.

  8. Adam, I'll tell you how they get away with it: JM Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and ScotiaBank have all been given slaps on the wrists within the last few years. Don't tell me you want the CFTC to work non-stop?

  9. Precious metals will rise when the everything bubble crashes. That’s property, stock and crypto. Always buy when nobody wants it. In the meantime don’t be afraid to invest in these bubbles. Just get out in good time and rotate any gains into metals.

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