September 25, 2021


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Gold & Silver vs Fiat-Free-For-All: The Purchasing Power War

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38 thoughts on “Gold & Silver vs Fiat-Free-For-All: The Purchasing Power War

  1. What happened to the Jeff Christian video I was watching a bit of this morning? I was planning to watch it all after work, but now it seems gone? Got a lawyer Nast-o-Gram, or some other threats from the deep state mafia?

  2. Did Youtube pull your video from yesterday where you apologized to Jeffrey Christian? I was going to forward that video to my father, but it wasn't showing up in my history or then it seems it isn't in your video list either. Interesting!!!!!!

  3. Im down 100 bucks now on gold.
    Silver i bought at 11.00 so im ok there but NOT GREAT.
    Thailand just bought 90 tonnes.
    I wish it would atleast become a reasonable price.

  4. Several retail places in my town have completely run out of coins and won't except cash. Is this a first step to get rid of cash? Have no coins? What is going on? Is anybody else experiencing this?

  5. "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least
    twice as fast as that!" The Red Queen

  6. Mike Maloney you have a great guy in Jeff Clark , That was funny he had a 6 month streak going of correctly using money and currency . Start another streak Jeff . Great video guys I really appreciate all your videos and knowledge

  7. Hi Mike, the first year of the current era was 1, so the first year of the 21st century was 2001, not 2000, which was the 100th year of the 20th century.

  8. SDR is easy to explain… It is IMF's pipe dream that if a global fiat reserve currency couldn't work (US Dollar), perhaps a basket of fiat currency would… Pure genius!

  9. There is about 105 Trillion currency units , out of which 72 Tr in USA, Eurozone and China, vs gold and silver together priced at $11 trillion. Clearly, most people value fiat virtual units 10x higher than precious metals. Sorry….

  10. why do you compare US currency production to GLOBAL gold and silver production? Compare GLOBAL currencies production ! Incl China, India, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, UK, Europe…

  11. I loved your example on building houses to illustrate how prices of houses should theoretically be going down, not up. It makes me sad that the majority of us, myself included are not able to afford a house easily, despite them being quicker to build and the materials being more easily acquired than in the past, those savings in efficiency and time are not being passed down to us 🙁

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