October 17, 2021


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Government Has A Duty To Protect Babies In The Womb

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50 thoughts on “Government Has A Duty To Protect Babies In The Womb

  1. CHAD! Look on American thought leaders channel regarding the Chinese general who bought 200 square miles windmill farm in south Texas next to our military base

  2. So, the government HAS to ban abortion, but giving aid to those same children you just FORCED through the law and government to give birth to these children is a "communist handout, and thus should be resisted at ALL COSTS!"!?

  3. When they started killing unborn babies at Full-Term, "made comfortable" said the governor from Virginia, and "make that decision to terminate that life"… i started wearing a MAGA hat, because true Conservatives are PRO-LIFE, and just got my TRUMP 2024 hat..!

  4. Republicans don't care about children or the unborn if they have any skin color other then white!
    At least 400,000 Yemeni children under 5 could die of starvation this year without urgent intervention amid soaring rates of severe malnutrition driven by war and the coronavirus pandemic

  5. Stages of Human development: Embryo, Fetus, New Born, Baby, Toddler, Child, Pre- Teen, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Middle Aged, Geriatric.

  6. Disagree.
    The only people getting abortions are the low lifes and liberals who we don't need procreating anyway, let them Darwin themselves out of existance.

  7. I do not believe the promises of the Declaration of Independence are just for the strong, the independent, the healthy. They are for everyone – including unborn children..George W Bush.
    This is about our understanding of human dignity and what it means to be a member of the human family, even though tiny, powerless, and unwanted….Henry Hyde (R)

  8. I believe in limited abortion. The case of rape/ incest, or health of mother. In case of health of mother, it should be a joint decision of the father and the mother. If no father than a support family member or friend. Personal opinion

  9. disagree with this. the church and state stay separate and the only counter argument that sticks in America is the Christian morality vs abortion. I'm not a lefty by any means. but a woman should have autonomy over her body. now if a man and woman have sex they need to discuss the risks of pregnancy and come to a consensus and then go from there. anything less than that is irresponsible.

  10. Government does have the duty, why? Equal protection under law, means that doesn't matter what stage of human development. Roe v wade ruling even points out (…until science proves…) Well, science has concluded that at the moment of conception a knew human being is created. 2 rna strands become a unique signature called DNA. Taking a human life unjustifiably is called murder. It's not taking responsibility, it's taking away said responsibility.

  11. Government is not at fault if it allows abortion it is the parents fault for not teaching morals to there children that wouldn’t matter what the government did then they would keep there nose out of the people business

  12. The police count a baby in the womb of a mother that is killed as a separate death when they are killed as well. There is no congruity. If it presents a problem then the baby's life automatically becomes less valuable.

  13. The Bible says that molec (satan) worshippers sacrificed babies. That's what abortion is, a child sacrifice to satan. The devil worshippers who made this abomination legal knew that and did this for the beast.

  14. how's this for an idea: anyone promoting unchecked abortions should be offered post-natal limb-ripping-suction abortion, to stand by their stance; otherwise shut up. After all, that's what being "prø-çhøiç€" is: massive shameless hypocrisy.

  15. I’m guessing YouTube couldn’t handle all 40 plus minutes of Chad tonight so his nightly show has been trimmed down to 4 minutes? Glad I have Sub’d to BlazeTV…Screw youtube

  16. (Just replying to title): No, the government doesn't. An undeveloped person in the womb, not yet able to live on its own, doesn't get nor deserve any special protections from the government. You cannot force women who become pregnant to give birth or go through c-sections just because you want to keep their unborn children alive (especially since all of these anti-abortion attempts care absolutely nothing for the children once they are actually born).

  17. Even cases of rape and incest are abortions of convenience. The baby is still half of you. Go full term, and if you can't bear to live with the psychological stigma, then put the child up for adoption. The adoption waiting time for those who can't have a child is very long, for the most part, due to so many abortions. And just look at it this way. You are doing something good for those who can't bear children.

  18. The most heinous , despicable evil is the mass murder of babies , murdering them brutally even before they are even able to draw their first breath !

  19. I don't want babies killed either, but you can't convince these women to be responsible and not create children they can't afford. We will all be supporting these unwanted children with our taxes to welfare.

  20. I am glad you said that. I remember when I was in my eary teens saying if I ever had an unwanted pregnancy I'd never abort. Then some of my friends said 'But what if you were raped?'
    I thought for a while and came to the conclusion that adding becoming a murderer to the trauma of having been raped would not make the situation any better, but that I would give the baby for adoption as I wouldn't want him/her to know that his/her father was a rapist.

  21. There should be as many Homes for unwed mothers as Planned Parenthood. If child isn’t wanted they should provide for free adoption. Should be taxpayer funded, just like PP. There might be less abortions if girls had another choice. I’m pro life. Hollywood, TV, Schools are pushing sexuality on our children. Get involved with the School Board. FB & Twitter fights do nothing for our children.

  22. Abortion is not a sexual precaution, take responsibility for your actions use the pill, durex , abstain or responsibility there are limited reasons for abortion being lazy is not one of. Them

  23. Just remember you as a woman don't always have the same blood type as your baby, and you DON'T have the same DNA. This child from conception is his or her own person. No one has the right to kill another for convenience. How sad with all forms of birth control people still kill the unborn. Sadder still is the fact that God had a great plan for that child who is now dead. Life begins at conception, NOT perception.

  24. Nothing is black and white.
    The unborn child is a part of the mother, because it is integrated into the mother like her other parts.
    The unborn child is not a part of the mother, because it has a different genetic sequence, and is destined to be born.
    The younger the unborn child, the more it is a part of the mother.
    The older the unborn child, the less it is a part of the mother.
    The government evolved from the days of dictators and royalty. It is a cancerous corrupted parasite in societies that, by accident, keeps the peace enough for most people to live peaceful lives. But the cancer still grows, and the corruption worsens.
    There is only one solution to unnecessary abortions, stop public funding.

  25. Did you hear that dr joseph mengele fauci and his gang are using the scalps of aborted babies to transplant into lab rats to see how long the scalps will live..

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