April 20, 2021


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Government scientist speaks out: we want the old normal back

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41 thoughts on “Government scientist speaks out: we want the old normal back

  1. Aphoristic Dialogue:
    A: I heard it said the other day that trying to stop a pandemic with social distancing and masks is like trying to stop a river with a stick. What do you think?

    B: That we’ll continue to use this stick despite knowing that nature is mightier than us. It’s our modern-day magic wand that, in the form of technology and collective action, we think can accomplish miracles.

    A: It galls me that so many people are committed to this path of hubris and narcissism. “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

    B: I would add to that: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”
    A: Amen.

  2. Bit of double speak as he works for the government, mandated/expected no worries, but Dr. Mike makes some very encouraging points towards the old normal. Not all gloom and doom. Good man. Do I believe we are in a real pandemic, no, but matters what the politicians think.

  3. I feel quite sorry for the interviewee. There are lots of things he wants to say but he cant because he’d get cancelled. The pandemic and the response has become part of the culture wars. And there are loads of scientists pursuing zero COVID without admitting because they know that the public will start to ask questions. So they just allude to it and keep moving the goal posts.

  4. Aphorism: "A sign of the increased public awareness about health matters since the outbreak of the corona virus: A man going up to a clerk in a grocery store and buying a carton of cigarettes while wearing a protective mask."

  5. Aphorism: "There have been viruses since the beginning of time and each and every one of us carries around trillions of viruses every day of every year until we die. What! Do you think the world will be improved by turning everyone into a germaphobe?

    Rather, it’s a recipe for the complete breakdown of society.

  6. Aphorism: "With a both political and popular movement moving the moral compass towards having the greatest possible safety, comfort, and security for all, we may unwittingly create a monstrous situation posing the greatest threat of all."

  7. 23:35 "we seem to have lost the ability with covid to actually balance risks or even understand what the risks are" ~ you can thank the media for that. they've got the whole population whipped up into such a state of fear its no wonder people are acting irrationally. but just as they whipped people up, they can equally wind people down if they choose to. if covid has shown me one thing it is just how powerful the media machine is. and it makes me realise how they are responsible for most mass movements of society – even including things like the election of trump in 2016.

  8. It's time to start treating these obfuscating pillocks as what they are, that being THE ENEMY! Never Split the Difference! It's either we get back to the old normal or heads need to roll!!

  9. At the beginning of the Pandemic there was talk of half a million deaths in the UK and turning Hyde Park into a giant morgue. The emphasis coming from the experts was that they must anticipate the possibility that the virus might be far more deadly than it has actually turned out to be. Now the fear is that the virus mutations might suddenly become super deadly … lockdowns allows these mutations to be detected before they spread too far … so that the lockdowns can be made more strict.There was talk that the South African variant was causing serious illness in young people. After the second major Plague visitation in England in 1363, which targetted mainly young people, the median (average) age of the surviving population was so high that it was over 400 years before it started to go down (due to recurrent plagues killing young people). People who survived into their 40s usually had strong immune systems … there are lots of gravestones of people pre-the-19th century who were of advanced age. On the direct male and female line in my family tree we have to go back to the 18th century to find someone who died before they were 80. My mother lived to 91, as did her mother, My great great grandmother died at 87, my 3rd great grandmother died at 83. My 4th Great grandmother died at 84. Similarly long lifespans are found in my male line (the oldest being 97 … in the middle of the 19th century). I'm"only 78. .

  10. 10:29 "if we get below the daily deaths from flu, is that acceptable?" well covid has been below the daily deaths from the 1958 flu for the entire time. they never did a lockdown then, infact it barely made the history books. people went to woodstock that year – check out the photos of woodstock – bodies packed together many of them exchanging fluids.

  11. 7:42 "we need to remember that this happens with viruses all the time. we have this with influenza every year and sadly very many people die every winter from influenza and we don't lock down" ohhhhhhhh so the narrative is changing now? fucking idiots

  12. Two minutes in, and we know this guy lives in the fantasy world of lockdowns and vaccines being valid. He's either delirious or on some vile pig's payroll. Loathsome puppet.

  13. I got a few minutes in before realising this was jargon-laden bollocks and thus a waste of time. Little insight, little genuinely fresh thinking, just a rehash of the same old shit, with too many statements on what we, the great unwashed, might be allowed to do next. With respect, sir: fuck you.
    The idea that any of this stupidity might have been excessive just clearly hadn’t occurred to this joker, and his word salad of reheated cliches.
    After a year of this patronising horse crap I’m afraid the only response I could muster was this spleen-venting. If this is what the government deems expert advice, we are royally screwed.

  14. NZ is also in a region with a huge amount of pre existing immunity from previous Corona viruses, also viruses, have the ability to lay dormant, and arise when a person is feeling low health wise

  15. I read the comments and most are critical to the guy. Given his role I would say he's rather vocal in some cases e.g. the need to compare covid deaths vs. cancer deaths. Of course he talks like politician, but don't most people do so nowadays especially in broadcasting?

  16. March is the beginning of spring, they know dam fucking well opening up isn't going to make a difference in warmer weather, so they can claim this or that when really it's the end of season for respiratory infections,

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