March 8, 2021


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Greta Thunberg’s ‘antithesis’ emerges in the form of a German teenager

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Sky News host Chris Kenny says he does not “want to be told what to think by a teenage Greta Thunberg, nor do I want to be lectured by a 19-year-old right-wing …


30 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg’s ‘antithesis’ emerges in the form of a German teenager

  1. The difference is that Greta is a child who is being used by rich backers to accomplish political goals. Naomi is an adult. For a while now, i have wanted to see young people making sense. It is nice to hear Naomi instead of the abused child, Greta with her scripted, salacious and impossible claims.

  2. Naomi Seibt is a member of the "Junge Alternative" (Young Alternative), which is right-wing extremist and anticonstitutional in the opinion of the "Verfassungsschutz" (Office of Protection of the Constitution) in Germany. She is intensively sponsored and trained for interviews by the Heartland Institute, which is funded by tobacco, gas, coal and oil companies.See Wikipedia.

  3. Those, who proudly brand themselves as 'climate science skeptics' tend to not bother questioning the information sources that they have chosen to immerse themselves into.

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  4. AHHHahaha! What a disaster for the bankrupt Heartland Institute. Naomi's mom Karoline is an attorney who works with Alternative für Deutschland,
    Germany's far-right nationalist party with ties to neo-Nazis. Ms. Seibt's American rightwing debut, at a CPAC sideshow promoting Our Bright Coal-Choked Future, was marred by the news that she has her own far-right baggage. Seibt took part in a YouTube discussion following a deadly attack on a synagogue in October, in which she had some thoughts about how Jews get way too much sympathy in Germany. She also explained she's a great big fan of Canadian wingnut race-baiter and manosphere hero Stephan Molyneux, whom she considers an "inspiration." So all in all, not a good roll-out for the Anti-Greta.

  5. You have totally misrepresented her. Of course you have your a… journalist, that's the word. Anything to stir the pot. I remember your channel singing her praise. Not now. Like all the others your lower than a snakes belly. I've got news far you. In this day and everyone can now do your job. Redundant.

  6. I hope this girlmcan knock sender into people, the climate has been changing ever since the beginning of time. The rotation of the sun every x hundred years putting it out of cycle and intimate oval this making it closer to the sun and making it warmer. It's no doubt that it's natural, through history there were droughts and during those days there were no oilmand gas usage. (I'm talking about the droughts in northern Africa and other areas in the early century's to the mid. If you want to go more further back there were ice ages, times were it was cold for years then eventually warmed up and balanced out.

    Now we got to face it oil and gas is a essential property of today's world, without it we would be back in the days of horse and buggy or physically out in the fields getting drop by hand. We would not have our new technology, homes would even be different. Life as a whole would be different. The list is very long, of the things that requires oil and gas to make.
    We got to remember there are also natural factors in the climates actions, such as volcanoes, and various other things.

    I am one that does not believe that we as humans have a big impact like its claimed by these climate action people.
    Greta clearly is a puppet, she's a drop out, doesn't seem to have scientific evidence or any research to back up her claims.
    I am so glad that there is a younger person willing to stand up and be real. I'm 21 I don't fear the future in terms of this so called "climate change/global warming". Currently what I fear as a Canadian with the resent news and events of the last few months, heck the last 5 years of Truedope is a country with no jobs, poor economy, and high living costs. As it is cost of living is high, minimum wage is not great, i started my first job in October and so far I only made $4,600 (roughly when you include what I spent). Luckily I am able to live with my parents, they are really supportive.. BUT… I do not what that for ever. It's my dream to buy a house that needs work and be able to renovate it. It seems like a lot of fun as I helped do some in our house.

    In Canada our Joke of a PM has literally done nothing good for Canada, only run it into the ground and divide the country. And with resent events with blockades he's done nothing.. and because he's a fruit cake, sjw, and total clown. He buys into this whole climate change crap and is shutting down the projects that would benefit Canada as a whole. While at the same time we are one of the cleanest producer of oil and gas. He would rather import dirty Sudi oil… What a Hippocrate. Projects like LNG have been in place and approved before he became pm 5 years ago is it finished yet? No I don't think it even started.
    Not to mention the Rockefeller foundation is founding protests etc to shut down our energy sector FOR THEIR OWN GAIN. Now that's scummy and should not be tolerated

    It's time people get some sense, all this protesting is ridiculous. People are so scared of global warming and the end and all that… I feel people are also getting ideas from movies they may have seen that in the end are just some persons imagination. I'm not worried about my kids future in terms of the climate, I fear would they have a successful career in their life time, will they have a good life. Will I have a good career later on in life. Will the economy be good will living be better or worse in terms of cost.

    If you read this and made it to the end of this ridiculously long comment props to you. Have a great day.

  7. I was based Muster when I was in the Army, Loved that town and to have this Wonderful intelligent young Lady fighting the insanity of Thungerg is perfection. Naomi Seibt, you go girl, you have my 100% support. Greta is very dangerous to young people and a puppet of the global elites she has to be put in her place. I ask all sane people to support Naomi Seibt in her work and on her journey to help bring back sanity to the climate question.

  8. Science-denying American Republicans are so certain they're right and the science world is wrong that they're even fighting to deregulate everything to further accelerate our rate of burning fossil fuels and the pillaging of the planet for their own personal greed (fear).

    They're willing to bet the world and all of its inhabitants on their certainty (limitless greed). #FearAndGreedRule #EmpathyFreeGOP

    Every single American Republican policy puts fear and greed (fear) before people and planet. Fear (and the empathy and critical thought it kills) is what separates the right from the left. The fear at the root of ”Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” — Albert Einstein

    Liberals hate American Republicans because all of their policies put fear and greed (fear) before people and planet (including equality and empathy).

    American Republicans hate liberals for the exact same reasons, because they’re afraid we’ll get in the way of their fear and greed.

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