June 14, 2021


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Guess Who They're Mad About Now! ?

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43 thoughts on “Guess Who They're Mad About Now! ?

  1. Used to be a big NFL fan and figured out over the past four years it is part of the swamp as are all pro sports , so I canceled it from my life . I think it is all rigged up now any way .WAY too much money to be made by the parasites that live off the rest of us .

  2. Stupidity and self-loathing are powerful handicaps.
    The Leftist SJW BLM types completely ignored the fact that they created the narrative when the Black Quarterbacl lost and then went so far as to claim that it was do to the fact that he competed against someone outside of his race.
    How unbearable can these assholes get?!!

  3. I'll bet all the Air Jordans the white people at our junior high school bought in 1990 (I'm guessing were made by child labor in a Chinese sweat shop with machine guns to the backs of their heads) bought Michael at least one Ferrari, but we're still ra-a-a-a-a-a-a-cist.

  4. Most black people are born racist. If your life really matters you don’t have to announce it to everyone. That’s just racist. Period.

  5. I only watched the game to see the Chiefs get their ass handed to them…didn't care to watch the pregame nor the halftime BS…nope…just the Chiefs whimpering in the background!😭😎

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